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Hamilton Books and Story Papers-

The scans are mainly saved in PDF format but I have added EBook formats where available. If there is no hyperlink on the file name then the file is not yet available. Click on the link to open the fi3 les, right click and save to copy the files to your hard drive.

Some of the Magnet scans are available in both PDF and fully searchable MS Word format. If you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your machine you can download free version of Microsoft reader from here.

If you have any Hamilton material that you would like to share then please contact me. It doesn't have to be in electronic format, I can still get good results from scanning photocopies or digital photographs.

If you are the copyright owner of anything on this site, please contact me and, if your rights have been breached the relevant items will be deleted. All material on this website is intended for personal use only.

Please be aware that many of the story papers featured on this site are over 100 years old and some of the language in common use then may be considered offensive by some readers today.

A number of the story papers featured on this website were scanned by Allan S from the collection of the British Library and are reproduced with their kind permission. British Library Board


Hamilton Bibliography Hamilton Bibliography

This section is very much 'work in progress' but will eventually feature a comprehensive list of Hamilton's extraordinary output as a boys writer.

The Rio Kid Herlock Sholmes Morcove School Characters and Schools-

Many characters and schools featured in more than one story paper. This section attempts to list his schools and characters and cross refer them to all the publications that they appeared in.

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Girls Story Papers

Most of the Girls papers were actually written by men using a female pen name. Click on the links on the left for more information.


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Schoolboys' Pocket Library

The Thriller

Nelson Lee Library

Other Story papers

This section contains Non Hamilton material that has been sent to me for sharing. This section may not contain the same amount of detail as the Hamilton sections but where possible I will provide links to other more detailed web sites.


Edwy Searles Brooks

L. E. Ransome

John W. Wheway Authors

This section features popular Authors of children's story papers.