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The Popular Book of Boys' Stories.

The Poplar Book of Boys' Stories was first published in 1930 and appeared each year until the paper shortage ended it's run in 1940. The book contained stories from a number of popular authors of the time and a few issues featured original Hamilton stories. 

The books were primarily aimed at the Christmas market and were heavily advertised in the Amalgamated Press from August onwards.


  Date Title Notes
1930 Death Swamp

Ralph Redway

Rio Kid
1931 Prairie Pals

Ralph Redway

Rio Kid
1932 Outlaw Plains

Ralph Redway

Rio Kid
1933 Stampede!

Ralph Redway

Rio Kid
1934 The Fatal Box

Owen Conquest

Ferrers Locke

This story was originally published in Magnet 809 as "The Third Brother"
and was reprinted by the Museum Press.

1935   No Hamilton Content
1936   No Hamilton Content
1937   No Hamilton Content
1938   No Hamilton Content
1939   No Hamilton Content
1940   No Hamilton Content