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This site would not have been possible were it not for the commitment and generosity of a large number of people who were willing to scan and share a large amount of rare Hamilton material. I have listed the contributors that I know of but I have a few items that I am unsure of their origin so if I have missed anyone out please let me know. My thanks to the following-

To Michael for numerous CD/SPD articles, lists and scans of extremely rare Hamiltonia that include the Union Jack,  Rookwood, Pluck, Lynwood, Rio Kid, Winston Cardew, Headland House, King Cricket, Boys' Herald and much more. Also for the Census scans and letters in the Hamilton section.

To Gary for scans of the Gem, Union Jack, Pluck, Empire, Dreadnought, Greyfriars Herald, Boys Friend Weekly, Schoolgirls' Own Library, Schoolgirls' Own Weekly and his numerous highly detailed lists.

To Roger, Keith, Stanley, Dave and others for scanning all 1683 Magnets - a tremendous achievement. Thanks also to Dan, Steve and Roger who are converting them to a fully searchable and compact MS Word format.

To Allan S, Bob Dowling, Dan, Keith, Stanley, Justin, Brian, Chris H, Gary P, Dave, Naveed, Susannah, and Phyllis for scanning the Gem- Almost all the issues have been scanned including many rare issues not reprinted by Howard Baker.

To Allan S for Gem, Modern Boy, Popular, Boys Friends and many, many more.

To Keith H who has scanned nearly all Series 1&2 of the Nelson Lee

To Daniel, Nandu and Brian for supplying scans of all the Carcroft stories.

To Dan for the Bunny Hare stories.

To Brian for Greyfriars Gazettes, Nelson Lees, Goldhawks, and many other items of interest.

To Nandu for providing the Rio Kid stories, Popolaki Patrol stories, Three Cowboys story, the Boys' Friend Library listing and cover scans, King Cricket, Mascot and Headland House stories. His famous lists have proved invaluable in creating the website.

To Eddie Peart and Brian Sayer for providing scans of the elusive last few Rio Kid stories from the Popular.

To Keith for SOLs, CD articles, GEMs and much more.

To Steve for providing scans of the Cassells, Armada and Merlin stories

To John at CB&M for sharing the material from his own site.

To Naveed for the Mascot, Sparshott, Romance and Glendenning Felgate stories. Also for the Modern Boy Rio Kid stories and for the Charles Hamilton 'Doodles'.

To Martin from Greyfriars index site for Hawk, Howard Baker and other assorted ephemera. Also for the Jack Free, Rio Kid and Greyfriars Herald and Nelson Lee scans and for allowing me to use the items from his own website.

To Mark H of the Blakiana site for sharing some rare early Hamilton scans. 

To Sylvia for her fascinating Morcove articles

To Keith Bates for Schoolgirls Own scans

To Slinky for the scan of Discovering Comics by Dennis Gifford.

To Cosmic Jukebox of the Pulpscans Yahoo group for sharing a large number of scans including the Thriller, Nelson Lee and Girls Friend Library.

To the Scanarama team including Alan, Ernesto, Jimpy, Bogof, Bill the Trigan and others for sharing a huge number of scans.

To Mark Caldicott for providing Nelson Lee listings.

To Ken for reformatting and generally tidying up some of the earlier Magnet scans

To Barry for providing upgraded scans and numerous Book and Magazine Collector articles

To Michael H for sending me a huge pile of books and story papers at his own expense

To Lenny B for scanning his complete collection of the Comet and numerous Gems

To Justin Gilbert for providing Vanity Fair and Collectors Miscellany scans

To Daniel T for his fine Biggles paper who also gifted a number of story papers to Allan S for scanning

A number of the story papers featured on this website  were scanned by Allan S from the collection of the British Library and are reproduced with their kind permission. The issues are
Pluck 2/38, 2/83, 2/94, 2/96, 2/101, 2/105, 2/106, 2/108, 2/112, 2/119, 2/121, 2/122, 2/124-32
Boys Herald 114, 228, 230, 232, 239, 240, 242, 244-254, 256, 261, 264, 279, 281, 283, 288, 311, 316, 32
Boys Realm 1/184, 1/188, 1/194, 1/223, 1/225, 1/231
British Library Board

If I have missed anyone out then please let me know.