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The Mascot booklets were published by John Matthew in the late forties before Hamilton received permission from the Amalgamated Press to use his pre war schools and characters. The schoolboy series featured Bob Hood and Co from Topham school and the Schoolgirl series featured Pam Duncan and Co from St Olive's school.  The stories were written by Charles Hamilton using the pen names Frank and Hilda Richards.

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The stories are available for reading or downloading from the links below-

  Schoolboy Series by Frank Richards
No 1- Top Study at Topham
No 2- Bunny Binks on the Warpath
No 3- The Dandy of Topham
No 4- Sent to Coventry

  Schoolgirl Series by Hilda Richards
No 1- Pamela of St. Olive's
No 2- The Stranded Schoolgirls
No 3- The Jape of the Term
No 4- The St Olive's Sweepstake