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The School Friend

The School Friend was born in 1919 with stories of Cliff House School for girls as the main attraction, 10 years after first being introduced to Magnet readers in issue no. 59. It came about after WW1 when R.T. Eves, then the editor of the Boys' Friend noticed how many girls were writing to the paper as fervent readers - he asked the already busy Charles Hamilton if he could write stories aimed at the girls market for a dedicated girls story paper and got a Yes. Bessie Bunter was introduced in April 1919 in Magnet 582 and the School Friend opened the next month. Hamilton (writing as Hilda Richards) could only manage 6 stories for the SF before C.M. Down as Magnet editor pulled him up for lack of copy - henceforth the School Friend had to manage without him (and it did). His contributions were issues no.s 1-4, and 9 & 11 which were actually the first stories written, especially for the Boys' Friend Library. R.S. Kirkham and to a lesser extent Horace Phillips took the saga up, until Phillips got the chance to write about his own creation, Morcove School, in the Schoolgirls' Own from 1921, while L. E. Ransome wrote most of the Cliff House tales in the later '20's in the SF. Hamilton had introduced most of the main characters and his successors simply carried on. Majorie Hazeldene was already established to Magnet readers but Hamilton had her lose the election for the Fourth Form captaincy to Barbara Redfern in issue 2, while Clara Trevlyn was Marjorie's irrepressible tomboy friend, evening things up was Mabs Lynn as Babs' staunch ally. There was also Dolly Jobling (who was dropped by John Wheway for the Schoolgirl), Phyllis Howell and Philippa Derwent - and of course as the star Bessie supplied the comic relief. Cliff House was mainly relegated from the front cover in the 2nd series of the School Friend from 1925 which ended publication in July 1929, to be replaced by the Schoolgirl.

In an article for the 1979 Collectors' Digest Annual Tommy Keen explains why Cliff House and Morcove were his favourite school stories. You can read the article here.

School Friend issue 053 had a number of illustrations by G.M. Dodshon featuring a day in the life of Cliff House School. You can see them here.

The scans only contain the Cliff House stories unless indicated as "complete issue".

Thanks to Gary for the introduction and the list of issues based on the works of Lofts and Adley.

If you have any material you would like to share in the form of scans, photocopies or photographs then please contact me.

Issue Date Cliff House - School Friend


  As Hilda Richards
Issue 1/1

17th May 1919

The Girls Of Cliff House 1st series   Charles Hamilton
Issue 1/2

24th May 1919

The Rivals Of The Fourth     Charles Hamilton
Issue 1/3

31st May 1919

Bessie Bunter's Busy Day     Charles Hamilton
Issue 1/4

7th June 1919

The Cliff House Ventriloquist     Charles Hamilton
Issue 1/5

14th June 1919

The Fourth Form Magazine     R. S. Kirkham
  Issue 1/6

21st June 1919

Under Bessie Bunter's Thumb     R. S. Kirkham
Issue 1/7

28th June 1919

Barbara Redfern's Secret     Horace Phillips
Issue 1/8

05th July 1919

A Visit From Aunt Betsy     Horace Phillips
Issue 1/9

12th July 1919

Bessie Bunter's Way     Charles Hamilton
Issue 1/10

19th July 1919

The Cliff House Pet Club     Horace Phillips
Issue 1/11

26th July 1919

Out Of Bounds     Charles Hamilton
12 2nd August 1919 Peace Celebrations At Cliff House     R. S. Kirkham
13 09th August 1919 The Cliff House Cooks     R. S. Kirkham
14 16th August 1919 For Her Brother's Sake     R. S. Kirkham
15 23rd August 1919 The Cliff House Camera Craze     Horace Phillips
16 30th August 1919 The Cliff House Tyrant Cliff House Tyrant 1/5 Horace Phillips
17 06th September 1919 The Rebels Of The Fourth Cliff House Tyrant 2/5 Horace Phillips
18 13th September 1919 Barbara Redfern's Daring Cliff House Tyrant 3/5 Horace Phillips
19 20th September 1919 Rival Schools Cliff House Tyrant 4/5 Horace Phillips
20 27th September 1919 Sports Day At Cliff House Cliff House Tyrant 5/5 Horace Phillips
21 04th October 1919 Only A Scholarship Girl Peggy Preston Scholarship Girl 1/3 Horace Phillips
22 11th October 1919 Shunned By Her Form Peggy Preston Scholarship Girl 2/3 Horace Phillips
23 18th October 1919 The Girl Who Had No Chance Peggy Preston Scholarship Girl 3/3 Horace Phillips
Issue 1/24

25th October 1919

Rival Concert Parties     Unknown
25 1st November 1919 The Cliff House Mystery     Unknown
26 8th November 1919 Bessie Bunter's Remittance     Unknown
27 15th November 1919 The Riddle Of The Fourth     Unknown
28 22nd November 1919 The Rival Magazines     Unknown
29 29th November 1919 Missing From School Babs Redfern In Disgrace 1/4 Horace Phillips
Issue 1/30

6th December 1919

Barbara Redfern's Silence Babs Redfern In Disgrace 2/4 Horace Phillips
Issue 1/31

13th December 1919

Whom Was She Shielding? Babs Redfern In Disgrace 3/4 Horace Phillips
32 20th December 1919 For Barbara Redfern's Sake Babs Redfern In Disgrace 4/4 Horace Phillips
33 27th December 1919 The Ghost Of Holly Hall Holly Hall For Xmas 1/2 Unknown
34 3rd January 1920 Doris Redfern's Disappearance Holly Hall For Xmas 2/2 Unknown
35 10th January 1920 Bessie, The Dunce     Unknown
36 17th January 1920 Barbara Redfern's Sister Doris Redfern 1/3 Unknown
37 24th January 1920 A Disgrace To The Third Doris Redfern 2/3 Unknown
38 31st January 1920 The Girl Who Ran Away Doris Redfern 3/3 Unknown
39 7th February 1920 The Cliff House Girl Guides Mystery Cave 1/4 Unknown
40 14th February 1920 The Secret Of The Cliff Mystery Cave 2/4 Unknown
41 21st February 1920 Barbara Redfern's Bravery Mystery Cave 3/4 Unknown
42 28th February 1920 Bravo, The Fourth Mystery Cave 4/4 Unknown
43 6th March   1920 Bessie Bunter In Love     Unknown
44 13th March   1920 The Temporary Master     R. S. Kirkham
45 20th March   1920 The Girl Who Forgot Thelma Howard 1/2 R. S. Kirkham
46 27th March   1920 The Cliff House Dance Thelma Howard 2/2 R. S. Kirkham
47 3rd April 1920 The Girl Who Flouted The Form Vivienne Leigh Drudge 1/4 R. S. Kirkham
48 10th April 1920 Left With The Blame Vivienne Leigh Drudge 2/4 R. S. Kirkham
49 17th April 1920 The Schoolgirl Drudge Vivienne Leigh Drudge 3/4 R. S. Kirkham
50 24th April 1920 The Righting Of Vivienne Leigh Vivienne Leigh Drudge 4/4 R. S. Kirkham
Issue 1/51

1st May 1920

The Mystery Of The Election Agnes White Thin Girl 1/3 R. S. Kirkham
Issue 1/52

8th May 1920

The Cliff House Cricketers Agnes White Thin Girl 2/3 R. S. Kirkham
53 15th May 1920 Ashamed Of Her Father Agnes White Thin Girl 3/3 R. S. Kirkham
54 22nd May 1920 Japers And Gipsies Gipsy Schoolgirl 1/2 R. S. Kirkham
55 29th May 1920 The Gipsy Schoolgirl Gipsy Schoolgirl 2/2 R. S. Kirkham
56 5th June 1920 The Cliff House Treasure Hunt     R. S. Kirkham
57 12th June 1920 The Reformation Of Bessie Bunter     R. S. Kirkham
58 19th June 1920 The Strike At Cliff House     R. S. Kirkham
59 26th June 1920 Bessie Bunter's Generosity     R. S. Kirkham
60 3rd July 1920 The Cliff House Secret Society     R. S. Kirkham
61 10th July 1920 The Girl Who Ruled The School     R. S. Kirkham
62 17th July 1920 False To Her Form     R. S. Kirkham
63 24th July 1920 The Heroism Of Philippa Derwent     R. S. Kirkham
64 31st July 1920 Cliff House In Camp Cliff House Camping 1/4 R. S. Kirkham
65 7th August 1920 The Mystery Of The Tower Cliff House Camping 2/4 R. S. Kirkham
66 14th August 1920 Campers And Caravanners Cliff House Camping 3/4 R. S. Kirkham
67 21st August 1920 For Her Sister's Sake Cliff House Camping 4/4 R. S. Kirkham
68 28th August 1920 Choosing Her Path Augusta Anstruther Revolt 1/6 R. S. Kirkham
69 4th September 1920 The Scorn Of The School Augusta Anstruther Revolt 2/6 R. S. Kirkham
70 11th September 1920 The Girl Who Deceived The Form Augusta Anstruther Revolt 3/6 R. S. Kirkham
71 18th September 1920 Expelled From Cliff House Augusta Anstruther Revolt 4/6 R. S. Kirkham
72 25th September 1920 Defying The School Augusta Anstruther Revolt 5/6 R. S. Kirkham
73 2nd October 1920 Headmistress In Name Only Augusta Anstruther Revolt 6/6 R. S. Kirkham
74 9th October 1920 Driven To Revolt Mrs. Grumph New Headmistress 1/3 Unknown
75 16th October 1920 No Surrender Mrs. Grumph New Headmistress 2/3 Unknown
76 23rd October 1920 One Girl To Blame Mrs. Grumph New Headmistress 3/3 Unknown
77 30th October 1920 The School Without Mistresses Revolt Continued 1/3 R. S. Kirkham
78 6th November 1920 The Third Form Invaders Revolt Continued 2/3 R. S. Kirkham
79 13th November 1920 Reforming The Fourth Revolt Continued 3/3 R. S. Kirkham
80 20th November 1920 A Schoolgirl's Repentance Olive Wayne & Lorna Grey New Girl 1/5 R. S. Kirkham
Issue 1/81

27th November 1920

Olive Wayne's Ordeal Olive Wayne & Lorna Grey New Girl 2/5 R. S. Kirkham
Issue 1/82

4th December 1920

The Pluck Of Peggy Preston Olive Wayne & Lorna Grey New Girl 3/5 R. S. Kirkham
Issue 1/83

11th December 1920

The Schoolgirl Spendthrift Olive Wayne & Lorna Grey New Girl 4/5 R. S. Kirkham
  Issue 1/84

18th December 1920

The Girl Who Atoned Olive Wayne & Lorna Grey New Girl 5/5 R. S. Kirkham
Issue 1/85

25th December 1920

Bessie Bunter's Christmas Pudding Lynn's Folly At Xmas 1/2 Unknown
  Issue 1/86

1st January 1921

The Spectre Of Lynn's Folly Lynn's Folly At Xmas 2/2 Unknown
  Issue 1/87

8th January 1921

The Casket Of Mystery Mystery Casket 1/3 Unknown
Issue 1/88

15th January 1921

The Jewel Of The East Mystery Casket 2/3 Unknown
Issue 1/89

22nd January 1921

Mabel Lynn's Valour Mystery Casket 3/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/90

29th January 1921

Bessie Bunter's 100     Unknown
  Issue 1/91

5th February 1921

Chums No Longer     Unknown
Issue 1/92

12th February 1921

Bessie Bunter, Form-Captain     Unknown
Issue 1/93

19th February 1921

Bound To Silence Stella Stone's Downfall 1/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/94

26th February 1921

Scoring Off Connie Stella Stone's Downfall 2/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/95

5th March 1921

The Sixth-Former's Downfall Stella Stone's Downfall 3/3 Unknown
Issue 1/96

12th March 1921

Bessie Bunter's Parrot     Unknown
Issue 1/97

19th March 1921

The Girl From The Desert Island Cliff House Castaway 1/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/98

26th March 1921

The Cliff House Explorers Cliff House Castaway 2/3 Unknown
Issue 1/99

2nd February 1921

The Schoolgirl Castaways Cliff House Castaway 3/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/100

9th April 1921

The Girls Who Changed Places The Girls Who Changed Places 1/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/101

16th April 1921

Silent For Another's Sake The Girls Who Changed Places 2/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/102

23rd April 1921

Shielding The Schemer The Girls Who Changed Places 3/3 Unknown
Issue 1/103

30th April 1921

Japing The Fifth     Unknown
Issue 1/104

7th May 1921

The Cliff House Boat-Race     Unknown
Issue 1/105

14th May 1921

Unworthy Of Their Trust Cyril Hartley Cliff House Coach 1/2 Unknown
106 21st May 1921 Well Done, Babs Cyril Hartley Cliff House Coach 2/2 Unknown
107 28th May 1921 Grace Kelwyn At Cliff House Grace Kelwyn Desert Island Girl 1/5 Unknown
108 4th June 1921 The Madcap Schoolgirl Grace Kelwyn Desert Island Girl 2/5 Unknown
109 11th June 1921 The Girl Who Couldn't Settle Down Grace Kelwyn Desert Island Girl 3/5 Unknown
110 18th June 1921 Turned Out Of Her Form Grace Kelwyn Desert Island Girl 4/5 Unknown
111 25th June 1921 The Search For Grace Kelwyn Grace Kelwyn Desert Island Girl 5/5 Unknown
112 2nd July 1921 Vivienne Leigh's Dancing-Craze Vivienne Leigh & Lorna Grey 1/4 Unknown
113 9th July 1921 The Girl Who Broke Her Promise Vivienne Leigh & Lorna Grey 2/4 Unknown
114 16th July 1921 Cheating The Form Vivienne Leigh & Lorna Grey 3/4 Unknown
115 23rd July 1921 In Another Girl's Name Vivienne Leigh & Lorna Grey 4/4 Unknown
116 30th July 1921 Carried To South America South America 1/4 Unknown
117 6th August 1921 The Mystery Of The Golden Goblet South America 2/4 Unknown
118 13th August 1921 In Search Of The Secret City South America 3/4 Unknown
119 20th August 1921 The Schoolgirl Hostage South America 4/4 Unknown
120 27th August 1921 Dolly Jobling's Secret Dolly Jobling 1/3 Unknown
121 3rd September 1921 The Girl Who Kept Silent Dolly Jobling 2/3 Unknown
122 10th September 1921 Her Brother's Peril Dolly Jobling 3/3 Unknown
123 17th September 1921 The Plot Against Bessie Bunter Mildred Tamplin Of The Fourth 1/2 Unknown
124 24th September 1921 Hidden From The School Mildred Tamplin Of The Fourth 2/2 Unknown
125 1st October 1921 A Schoolgirl's Sacrifice Sheba Stanton New Fourth Former 1/4 Unknown
126 8th October 1921 Babs At Her Best Sheba Stanton New Fourth Former 2/4 Unknown
127 15th October 1921 Barbara Redfern's Rival Sheba Stanton New Fourth Former 3/4 Unknown
128 22nd October 1921 Sheba Stanton's Triumph Sheba Stanton New Fourth Former 4/4 Unknown
129 29th October 1921 The Titled Schoolgirl Lady Hetty Hendon 1/5 Unknown
130 5th November 1921 Rival Forms Lady Hetty Hendon 2/5 Unknown
131 12th November 1921 The Showing-Up Of Sheba Lady Hetty Hendon 3/5 Unknown
132 19th November 1921 Fighting For Her Home Lady Hetty Hendon 4/5 Unknown
133 26th November 1921 The Making Of Sheba Stanton Lady Hetty Hendon 5/5 Unknown
134 3rd December 1921 The Mystery Of Miss Chantrey Miss Chantrey Music & Dancing Mystery 1/3 Unknown
135 10th December 1921 The Fourth Form Ballet Miss Chantrey Music & Dancing Mystery 2/3 Unknown
136 17th December 1921 The Secret Of The Snapshot Miss Chantrey Music & Dancing Mystery 3/3 Unknown
137 24th December 1921 Christmas At Holly Hall Holly Hall Xmas 1/2 Unknown
138 31st December 1921 Loyal To Their Hero Holly Hall Xmas 2/2 Unknown
139 7th January  1922 The Fourth Form Parliament Fourth Form Parliament 1/7 Unknown
Issue 1/140

14th January  1922

The Feud Against The Fourth Fourth Form Parliament

(Complete issue)

2/7 Unknown
Issue 1/141

21st January  1922

The Triumph Of The Fourth Fourth Form Parliament

(Complete issue)

3/7 Unknown
Issue 1/142

28th January  1922

The Order Of Expulsion Fourth Form Parliament

(Complete issue)

4/7 Unknown
Issue 1/143

4th February 1922

Earning Her Living Fourth Form Parliament

(Complete issue)

5/7 Unknown
Issue 1/144

11th February 1922

The Schoolgirl Waitress Fourth Form Parliament

(Complete issue)

6/7 Unknown
Issue 1/145

18th February 1922

Sybil Spender's Servant Fourth Form Parliament

(Complete issue)

7/7 Unknown
Issue 1/146

25th February 1922

Bessie Bunter's Invention (Complete issue)   Unknown
Issue 1/147

4th March   1922

Nancy Bell's Secret (Complete issue)   Unknown
  Issue 1/148

11th March   1922

Afraid To Come To School Oakvale House School 1/2 Unknown
Issue 1/149

18th March   1922

Deceiving The School Oakvale House School

(Complete issue)

2/2 Unknown
Issue 1/150

25th March   1922

The Girl On The Farm (Complete issue)   Unknown
Issue 1/151

1st April 1922

The Little Stowaway Suzanne, Pretty Little French Girl

(Complete issue)

1/5 Unknown
  Issue 1/152

8th April 1922

The Secret Of The Wreck Suzanne, Pretty Little French Girl 2/5 Unknown
  Issue 1/153

15th April 1922

The Holiday Quest Suzanne, Pretty Little French Girl 3/5 Unknown
  Issue 1/154

22nd April 1922

A Prisoner By Choice Suzanne, Pretty Little French Girl 4/5 Unknown
  Issue 1/155

29th April 1922

At The Stroke Of Four Suzanne, Pretty Little French Girl 5/5 Unknown
Issue 1/156

6th May 1922

Peggy Preston's Loyalty (Complete issue)   Unknown
Issue 1/157

13th May 1922

Clara Trevlyn's Test (Complete issue)   Unknown
  Issue 1/158

20th May 1922

Philippa Derwent's Pluck     Unknown
Issue 1/159

27th May 1922

Mabel Lynn's Masterstroke (Complete issue)   Unknown
Issue 1/160

3rd June 1922

Bessie Bunter's Task (Complete issue)   Unknown
  Issue 1/161

10th June 1922

Marjorie Hazeldene's Sacrifice     Unknown
  Issue 1/162

17th June 1922

Barbara Redfern's Leadership     Unknown
Issue 1/163

24th June 1922

Dolly Jobling's Determination (Complete issue)   Unknown
  Issue 1/164

1st July 1922

Phyllis Howell's Chance     Unknown
Issue 1/165

8th July 1922

Augusta's Trust (Complete issue)   Unknown
Issue 1/166

15th July 1922

The Schoolgirl Caravanners Caravan Tour

(Complete issue)

1/5 Unknown
167 22nd July 1922 The Convict's Daughter Caravan Tour 2/5 Unknown
168 29th July 1922 Bessie The Film Actress Caravan Tour 3/5 Unknown
169 5th August 1922 The Mystery Of The Mill Caravan Tour 4/5 Unknown
170 12th August 1922 The Girl Who Came Back Caravan Tour 5/5 Unknown
171 19th August 1922 A Rich Girl's Scapegoat New Girls Irene Jameson & Dulcie Craven 1/4 Unknown
172 26th August 1922 For Another's Guilt New Girls Irene Jameson & Dulcie Craven 2/4 Unknown
173 2nd September 1922 The Missing Heiress New Girls Irene Jameson & Dulcie Craven 3/4 Unknown
174 9th September 1922 With Another's Wealth New Girls Irene Jameson & Dulcie Craven 4/4 Unknown
175 16th September 1922 The Riddle Of The Caves The Mystery Cave 1/3 Unknown
176 23rd September 1922 Foiling The Form The Mystery Cave 2/3 Unknown
Issue 1/177

30th September 1922

By Whose Hand? The Mystery Cave

(Complete issue)

3/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/178

7th October 1922

The Misfortunes Of Bessie Bessie Bunter's Double 1/2 Unknown
  Issue 1/179

14th October 1922

Bessie Bunter's Double Bessie Bunter's Double 2/2 Unknown
Issue 1/180

21st October 1922

The House Of The Five Gables Pauline Wilson Of The Sixth

(Complete issue)

1/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/181

28th October 1922

Thwarted By Schoolgirls Pauline Wilson Of The Sixth 2/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/182

4th November 1922

Barbara Redfern's Victory Pauline Wilson Of The Sixth 3/3 Unknown
  Issue 1/183

11th November 1922

Cliff House In France Cliff House Overseas Tour 1/6 Unknown
Issue 1/184

18th November 1922

Cliff House On The Riviera Cliff House Overseas Tour

(Complete issue)

2/6 Unknown
  Issue 1/185

25th November 1922

Cliff House In Spain Cliff House Overseas Tour 3/6 Unknown
  Issue 1/186

2nd December 1922

Cliff House In Africa Cliff House Overseas Tour 4/6 Unknown
  Issue 1/187

9th December 1922

Cliff House In Morocco Cliff House Overseas Tour 5/6 Unknown
  Issue 1/188

16th December 1922

Cliff House In Italy Cliff House Overseas Tour 6/6 Unknown
Issue 1/189

23rd December 1922

Clara Trevlyn's Christmas Party Xmas

(Complete issue)

1/2 Unknown
190 30th December 1922 In Spite Of Her Enemy Xmas 2/2 Unknown
191 6th January  1923 Her Faithless Friend Rena Morris The Girl Violinist 1/2 Unknown
192 13th January  1923 The Girl Violinist Rena Morris The Girl Violinist 2/2 Unknown
193 20th January  1923 Clara Trevlyn "On Strike"     Unknown
194 27th January  1923 The Triumph Of The Duffer     Unknown
195 3rd February 1923 The Persian Girl's Secret     Unknown
196 10th February 1923 Her Craze For Dancing     Unknown
197 17th February 1923 The Holding Up Of The Fourth     Unknown
198 24th February 1923 A Mystery From The East Dolra Teld Indian Schoolgirl 1/4 Unknown
199 3rd March   1923 The Girl From India Dolra Teld Indian Schoolgirl 2/4 Unknown
200 10th March   1923 Sharing A Secret Dolra Teld Indian Schoolgirl 3/4 Unknown
201 17th March   1923 Treasure Of Long Ago Dolra Teld Indian Schoolgirl 4/4 Unknown
202 24th March   1923 Sisters In Secret Clara And Her Sister Muriel 1/3 Unknown
203 31st March   1923 All Clara's Fault Clara And Her Sister Muriel 2/3 Unknown
204 7th April 1923 Through Trials To Triumph Clara And Her Sister Muriel 3/3 Unknown
205 14th April 1923 The Tyranny Of Violet Cutter Violet Cutter's Bid For The Captaincy 1/4 Unknown
206 21st April 1923 For Her Mother's Sake Violet Cutter's Bid For The Captaincy 2/4 Unknown
207 28th April 1923 In Her True Colours Violet Cutter's Bid For The Captaincy 3/4 Unknown
208 5th May 1923 Friendship's Reward Violet Cutter's Bid For The Captaincy 4/4 Unknown
209 12th May 1923 Little Miss Nobody Curly Locke The Girl Who Lost Her Memory 1/3 Unknown
210 19th May 1923 The Girl They Could Not Trust Curly Locke The Girl Who Lost Her Memory 2/3 Unknown
211 26th May 1923 The Captive Of The Fair Curly Locke The Girl Who Lost Her Memory 3/3 Unknown
212 2nd June 1923 The Puzzled Schoolgirls Catherine Primrose Headmistress's Niece 1/3 Unknown
213 9th June 1923 The Schoolgirl Imposter Catherine Primrose Headmistress's Niece 2/3 Unknown
214 16th June 1923 Her Father's Honour Catherine Primrose Headmistress's Niece 3/3 Unknown
215 23rd June 1923 The Hidden Room Marjorie Hazeldene 1/2 Unknown
216 30th June 1923 Doubted By The Form Marjorie Hazeldene 2/2 Unknown
217 7th July 1923 The Fugitives At The School Margaret Lynn 1/3 Unknown
218 14th July 1923 The Mystery Of Miriam Carstairs Margaret Lynn 2/3 Unknown
219 21st July 1923 A Surprise For The School Margaret Lynn 3/3 Unknown
220 28th July 1923 Babs And Co. By The Sea Holiday Tour In Cornwall 1/3 Unknown
221 4th August 1923 The Puzzle Of The Sands Holiday Tour In Cornwall 2/3 Unknown
222 11th August 1923 Bessie Beats Them All Holiday Tour In Cornwall 3/3 Unknown
223 18th August 1923 The Girl She Must Not Know Peggy Preston 1/2 Unknown
224 25th August 1923 The Ordeal Of Peggy Preston Peggy Preston 2/2 Unknown
225 1st September 1923 The Rebels From Revelstoke Revelstoke Barring Out 1/3 Unknown
226 8th September 1923 The Girls Who Scorned The School Revelstoke Barring Out 2/3 Unknown
227 15th September 1923 The Hidden Rebels Revelstoke Barring Out 3/3 Unknown
228 22nd September 1923 The Girl They Deceived     Unknown
229 29th September 1923 The Shadow Of Disgrace     Unknown
Issue 1/230

6th October 1923

The Day Girl's Secret Polly Vane New Day Girl's Secret 1/3 Unknown
Issue 1/231

13th October 1923

The Girl They Doubted Polly Vane New Day Girl's Secret 2/3 Unknown
Issue 1/232

20th October 1923

The Truth About Polly Vane Polly Vane New Day Girl's Secret 3/3 Unknown
233 27th October 1923 The Fourth Form Monitresses     Unknown
234 3rd November 1923 The Girl Who Took The Blame     Unknown
235 10th November 1923 The Runaway's Valour     Unknown
236 17th November 1923 The Fugitives Of The Fire     Unknown
237 24th November 1923 Stranded At Cliff House     Unknown
238 1st December 1923 Connie Jackson's Conspiracy     Unknown
239 8th December 1923 The Unknown Japer     Unknown
240 15th December 1923 The Girl Who Returned Xmas At Lynn's Folly 1/4 Unknown
241 22nd December 1923 Restored To Her Mother Xmas At Lynn's Folly 2/4 Unknown
242 29th December 1923 The Phantom Fortune Xmas At Lynn's Folly 3/4 Unknown
243 5th January  1924 The Fight For The Treasure Xmas At Lynn's Folly 4/4 Unknown
244 12th January  1924 Cynthia Chesterfield's Choice Cynthia Chesterfield 1/6 Unknown
245 19th January  1924 Too Big For Her Shoes Cynthia Chesterfield 2/6 Unknown
246 26th January  1924 Just Cynthia's Way Cynthia Chesterfield 3/6 Unknown
247 2nd February 1924 Too Proud To Repent Cynthia Chesterfield 4/6 Unknown
248 9th February 1924 Finding Her Friends Cynthia Chesterfield 5/6 Unknown
249 16th February 1924 A Schoolgirl's Atonement Cynthia Chesterfield 6/6 Unknown
250 23rd February 1924 Barbara Redfern's Ordeal Barbara And Mabel Feud 1/4 Unknown
251 1st March   1924 When Friendship Wanes Barbara And Mabel Feud 2/4 Unknown
252 8th March   1924 Forced To Seem Faithless Barbara And Mabel Feud 3/4 Unknown
253 15th March   1924 Loyal Chums Both Barbara And Mabel Feud 4/4 Unknown
254 22nd March   1924 The Secret Of The Castle Esme Graeme 1/2 Unknown
255 29th March   1924 The Chums Who Triumphed Esme Graeme 2/2 Unknown
256 5th April 1924 The Baffled School Anstruther Browne Mystery 1/3 Unknown
257 12th April 1924 The Girl They Blamed Anstruther Browne Mystery 2/3 Unknown
258 19th April 1924 The Schemers Defeated Anstruther Browne Mystery 3/3 Unknown
259 26th April 1924 The School Of Simpletons Cliff House At Lilac House School 1/3 Unknown
260 3rd May 1924 The Mystery Of Phoebe Varden Cliff House At Lilac House School 2/3 Unknown
261 10th May 1924 Rivals For Riches Cliff House At Lilac House School 3/3 Unknown
262 17th May 1924 Clara In Hot Water Clara In Trouble 1/3 Unknown
263 24th May 1924 The Evidence Against Her Clara In Trouble 2/3 Unknown
264 31st May 1924 The Spoofing Of Celia Clara In Trouble 3/3 Unknown
265 7th June 1924 The Third Form Japers Third Form Japers 1/2 Unknown
266 14th June 1924 Beaten By The Fourth Third Form Japers 2/2 Unknown
267 21st June 1924 Meg's Last Term     Unknown
268 28th June 1924 The Circus Rider Of The Fourth     Unknown
269 5th July 1924 The Best Gift Of All     Unknown
270 12th July 1924 Stella Stone's Secret     Unknown
271 19th July 1924 The Missing School-Mistress     Unknown
272 26th July 1924 Cliff House At The Exhibition     Unknown
273 2nd August 1924 Their "Big Sister"     Unknown
274 9th August 1924 Holiday Rivals     Unknown
275 16th August 1924 Their Secret Home     Unknown
276 23rd August 1924 Ashamed Of Her Mother     Unknown
277 30th August 1924 Their Great Mistake Marjorie And Clara In Dispute 1/3 Unknown
278 6th September 1924 Cutting Her Chums Marjorie And Clara In Dispute 2/3 Unknown
279 13th September 1924 The Girl She Duped Marjorie And Clara In Dispute 3/3 Unknown
280 20th September 1924 A Servant To The Snobs     Unknown
281 27th September 1924 The "Luck" Of Study 13     Unknown
282 4th October 1924 A Schoolgirl On Approval     Unknown
283 11th October 1924 Where Was Augusta?     Unknown
284 18th October 1924 The Cost Of A Promise     Unknown
285 25th October 1924 Captains All     Unknown
286 1st November 1924 Deceiving The School     Unknown
287 8th November 1924 Courting Expulsion     Unknown
288 15th November 1924 The Homesick Schoolgirl Selma Hope Homesick 1/3 Unknown
289 22nd November 1924 The Laughing-Stock Of The School Selma Hope Homesick 2/3 Unknown
290 29th November 1924 A Real Schoolgirl At Last Selma Hope Homesick 3/3 Unknown
291 6th December 1924 The Way Of A Heroine     Unknown
292 13th December 1924 The Quarrel In The Fourth     Unknown
293 20th December 1924 Flap Derwent's Lonely Christmas Lynn's Folly For Xmas 1/3 Unknown
294 27th December 1924 The House Of Hidden Noises Lynn's Folly For Xmas 2/3 Unknown
295 3rd January  1925 Her Wilful Way Lynn's Folly For Xmas 3/3 Unknown
296 10th January  1925 Not Wanted In The Fourth     Unknown
297 17th January  1925 At The Eleventh Hour     Unknown
298 24th January  1925 The Girl Who Puzzled The Fourth     Unknown
299 31st January  1925 Bessie Bunter's New Pet     Unknown
300 7th February 1925 The Cliff House Cinderella     Unknown
301 14th February 1925 A Schoolgirl's Ambition     Unknown
302 21st February 1925 Bessie The Japer     Unknown
303 28th February 1925 The Adventure Of The Sealed Packet     Unknown
Second Series
1 7th March   1925 Forced To Break Friendship 2nd series   Unknown
2 14th March   1925 The Strangest Pupil Of All     Unknown
3 21st March   1925 A Schoolgirl's Trust     Unknown
4 28th March   1925 The Lonely Fourth Former     Unknown
5 4th April 1925 Freda's April Fools     Unknown
6 11th April 1925 The Heroine Of The Hour     Unknown
7 18th April 1925 Their Circus Chum     Unknown
8 25th April 1925 Barbara's Boy Friend     Unknown
9 2nd May 1925 The Rival Players     Unknown
10 9th May 1925 Augusta's Great Mistake Raymond Bannister Of Lanchester College 1/4 Unknown
11 16th May 1925 The Island Mystery Raymond Bannister Of Lanchester College 2/4 Unknown
12 23rd May 1925 Flaunting The Fourth Raymond Bannister Of Lanchester College 3/4 Unknown
13 30th May 1925 Her Cousin's Conspiracy Raymond Bannister Of Lanchester College 4/4 Unknown
14 6th June 1925 The Fourth Form Champion     Unknown
15 13th June 1925 When Bessie Blundered     Unknown
16 20th June 1925 Loyal To Her Captain     Unknown
17 27th June 1925 The Showing-Up Of Nancy Bell     Unknown
18 4th July 1925 The Carnival Conspirators     Unknown
19 11th July 1925 The Cliff House Regatta     Unknown
20 18th July 1925 The Girl Who Was Always Blamed     Unknown
21 25th July 1925 The Schoolgirl Tourists Holiday Tour Of Continent 1/4 R. S. Kirkham
22 1st August 1925 When Augusta Led Holiday Tour Of Continent 2/4 R. S. Kirkham
23 8th August 1925 Marjorie's Holiday Tasks Holiday Tour Of Continent 3/4 R. S. Kirkham
24 15th August 1925 When Bessie Vanished Holiday Tour Of Continent 4/4 R. S. Kirkham
25 22nd August 1925 The Schoolgirl Rivals Barbara Redfern V Muriel Tollhurst 1/6 Unknown
26 29th August 1925 The Friends She Parted Barbara Redfern V Muriel Tollhurst 2/6 Unknown
27 5th September 1925 Their Captain No Longer Barbara Redfern V Muriel Tollhurst 3/6 Unknown
28 12th September 1925 Babs Against The School Barbara Redfern V Muriel Tollhurst 4/6 Unknown
29 19th September 1925 The Evidence She Could Not Give Barbara Redfern V Muriel Tollhurst 5/6 Unknown
30 26th September 1925 The Shadow Of Expulsion Barbara Redfern V Muriel Tollhurst 6/6 Unknown
31 3rd October 1925 The Fourth Form Busybodies Marcia Loftus 1/2 Unknown
32 10th October 1925 A Schoolgirl's Revenge Marcia Loftus 2/2 Unknown
33 17th October 1925 The Secret Swimmers     Unknown
34 24th October 1925 Her Old-Fashioned Uncle     Unknown
35 31st October 1925 Katie Smith's Folly     Unknown
36 7th November 1925 Afraid To Tell The Truth     Unknown
37 14th November 1925 The Fourth Form Songsters     Unknown
38 21st November 1925 Forced To Go Borrowing     Unknown
39 28th November 1925 The Rival Editresses     Unknown
40 5th December 1925 The Mystery Of The Hidden Pearls     R. S. Kirkham
41 12th December 1925 Her Own Fault     Unknown
42 19th December 1925 Her Christmas Mystery Xmas At Clara's Home 1/2 Unknown
43 26th December 1925 The Secret Santa Claus Xmas At Clara's Home 2/2 Unknown
44 2nd January 1926 Deserted By Her Friend     Unknown
45 9th January 1926 Marjorie - Of The Kind Heart     Unknown
46 16th January 1926 The Old-Fashioned Schoolgirl Alison Drew Old Fashioned Schoolgirl 1/3 Unknown
47 23rd January  1926 The Girl She Must Not Know Alison Drew Old Fashioned Schoolgirl 2/3 Unknown
48 30th January  1926 The Girl Who Won Through Alison Drew Old Fashioned Schoolgirl 3/3 Unknown
49 6th February 1926 The Unwilling Heroine     Unknown
50 13th February 1926 Clara The Rebel     Unknown
51 20th February 1926 The Problem Of The Pearl     Unknown
52 27th February 1926 The Sneaks     Unknown
53 6th March 1926 No Longer Their Idol Stella Stone's Secret 1/2 Unknown
54 13th March 1926 The Talk Of The School Stella Stone's Secret 2/2 Unknown
55 20th March 1926 The Hidden Schoolgirl     Unknown
56 27th March 1926 The Rival Factions     Unknown
57 3rd April 1926 The Cliff House Investigators Delma Castle Easter 1/2 Unknown
58 10th April 1926 The Waif Of The Waves Delma Castle Easter 2/2 Unknown
59 17th April 1926 The Girl From The Caravan Sal Harris Gipsy Girl 1/4 Unknown
60 24th April 1926 Condemned By The Form Sal Harris Gipsy Girl 2/4 Unknown
61 1st May 1926 She Failed The Fourth Sal Harris Gipsy Girl 3/4 Unknown
62 8th May 1926 The Three Who Were Loyal Sal Harris Gipsy Girl 4/4 Unknown
63 15th May 1926 The Laughing-Stock Of The School     Unknown
64 22nd May 1926 The Schoolgirl Cinema Stars Cinema Star  1/4 Unknown
65 29th May 1926 Mabs The Mysterious Cinema Star  2/4 Unknown
66 12th June 1926 All Through Her Vanity Cinema Star  3/4 Unknown
67 19th June 1926 Her Secret Dread Cinema Star  4/4 Unknown
68 26th June 1926 The Ordeal Of Dolly Jobling     Unknown
69 3rd July 1926 For Fame Or Friendship     Unknown
70 10th July 1926 All The Fun Of The Fair     Unknown
71 17th July 1926 Vivienne Leigh's Great Loss     Unknown
72 24th July 1926 New Friends For Old Holiday 1/4 L. E. Ransome
73 31st July 1926 Vivienne's Strange Adventure Holiday 2/4 L. E. Ransome
74 7th August 1926 The Vanished Schoolgirl Holiday 3/4 L. E. Ransome
75 14th August 1926 When The Clouds Rolled By Holiday 4/4 L. E. Ransome
76 21st August 1926 The Girl Who Hated School Caroline Millais Strange New Girl 1/3 L. E. Ransome
77 28th August 1926 Under Her Thumb Caroline Millais Strange New Girl 2/3 L. E. Ransome
78 4th September 1926 By Force Of Example Caroline Millais Strange New Girl 3/3 L. E. Ransome
79 11th September 1926 The Reformation Of Nancy Bell     L. E. Ransome
80 18th September 1926 Jemima Takes Charge     Unknown
81 25th September 1926 Only Herself To Blame Geraldine Moore New Girl 1/3 L. E. Ransome
82 2nd October 1926 Geraldine The Ungrateful Geraldine Moore New Girl 2/3 L. E. Ransome
83 9th October 1926 Brought To Her Senses Geraldine Moore New Girl 3/3 L. E. Ransome
84 16th October 1926 The Cliff House Clean-Up     L. E. Ransome
85 23rd October 1926 When Marjorie Broke Bounds     L. E. Ransome
86 30th October 1926 The Unwilling Rebels     Unknown
87 6th November 1926 The Folly Of Phyllis Howell     L. E. Ransome
88 13th November 1926 Bessie's Bad Blunder     L. E. Ransome
89 20th November 1926 More Foolish Than Vain     L. E. Ransome
90 27th November 1926 Because She Put Duty First     L. E. Ransome
91 4th December 1926 With Borrowed Courage     L. E. Ransome
92 11th December 1926 The Stolen Holiday Xmas Holiday 1/5 L. E. Ransome
93 18th December 1926 Their Most Exciting Christmas Xmas Holiday 2/5 L. E. Ransome
94 25th December 1926 Marjorie's Yuletide Ordeal Xmas Holiday 3/5 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/95

1st January 1927

The Rival Cinderella's Xmas Holiday 4/5 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/96

8th January 1927

Forbidden To Be Friends Xmas Holiday 5/5 L. E. Ransome
  Issue 2/97

15th January 1927

When Barbara Couldn't Explain Clara In Bad Books 1/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/98

22nd January 1927

In The Form's Bad Books Clara In Bad Books 2/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/99

29th January 1927

The Talk Of The School Clara In Bad Books 3/4 L. E. Ransome
  Issue 2/100

5th February 1927

The Fourth's Awakening Clara In Bad Books 4/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/101

12th February 1927

Clara's Eton Crop Jack Tollhurst 1/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/102

19th February 1927

The Mystery Of Jack Tollhurst Jack Tollhurst 2/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/103

26th February 1927

Her Friendship Rejected Jack Tollhurst 3/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/104

5th March   1927

Loyal To The End Jack Tollhurst 4/4 L. E. Ransome
1Issue 2/105

2th March   1927

When Bessie Rebelled     L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/106

19th March   1927

The Tomboy's Triumph     L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/107

26th March   1927

The "Friendship" She Bought     L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/108

2nd April 1927

Dolly Jobling's Defiance Dolly Jobling 1/3 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/109

9th April 1927

All Against Dolly Dolly Jobling 2/3 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/110

16th April 1927

The Girl They Misjudged Dolly Jobling 3/3 L. E. Ransome
111 23rd April 1927 All Through Bessie's Boasting     L. E. Ransome
112 30th April 1927 Philippa's Great Ambition     L. E. Ransome
113 7th May 1927 The Girl Who Pretended     L. E. Ransome
114 14th May 1927 Determined To Be Leader Helen Stone Stella's Cousin 1/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/115

21st May 1927

The Quarrel In The Fourth Helen Stone Stella's Cousin 2/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/116

28th May 1927

She Reckoned Without Jemima Helen Stone Stella's Cousin 3/4 L. E. Ransome
  Issue 2/117

4th June 1927

Put In Her Place Helen Stone Stella's Cousin 4/4 L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/118

11th June 1927

Bessie Bunter's Last Chance     L. E. Ransome
  Issue 2/119

18th June 1927

Because Clara "Ran Away"     L. E. Ransome
Issue 2/120

25th June 1927

The Mystery Dancing Mistress     L. E. Ransome
121 2nd July 1927 The Cliff House Stowaway     L. E. Ransome
122 9th July 1927 Just To Spite Clara     L. E. Ransome
123 16th July 1927 The Split In Study 7     L. E. Ransome
124 23rd July 1927 All For Dolly's Sake     Unknown
125 30th July 1927 Bessie Bunter's 5 Note     L. E. Ransome
126 6th August 1927 Barbara's busy Time Seabourne Holiday 1/5 Unknown
127 13th August 1927 Mabel Lynn's Great Secret Seabourne Holiday 2/5 Unknown
128 20th August 1927 Clara The Reckless Seabourne Holiday 3/5 Unknown
129 27th August 1927 The Fifty Pounds Prize Seabourne Holiday 4/5 Unknown
130 3rd September 1927 When Marjorie Was Mysterious Seabourne Holiday 5/5 Unknown
131 10th September 1927 Because She Feared Exposure Gillian Foster New Girl 1/3 L. E. Ransome
132 17th September 1927 Not Wanted At Cliff House Gillian Foster New Girl 2/3 L. E. Ransome
133 24th September 1927 On The Brink Of Expulsion Gillian Foster New Girl 3/3 L. E. Ransome
134 1st October 1927 The Duffer Of The Form     L. E. Ransome
135 8th October 1927 Clara's Unlucky Day     L. E. Ransome
136 15th October 1927 Not The Friends They Were     L. E. Ransome
137 22nd October 1927 The Fourth Form Dance Club Claudia Frazer New Girl 1/2 L. E. Ransome
138 29th October 1927 Her Narrow Escape Claudia Frazer New Girl 2/2 L. E. Ransome
139 5th November 1927 To Save Their Form Mistress     L. E. Ransome
140 12th November 1927 Bessie Bunter's Rich Aunt     L. E. Ransome
141 19th November 1927 The Monitress They Misjudged     L. E. Ransome
142 26th November 1927 When Clara Owned Up     L. E. Ransome
143 3rd December 1927 Outwitted By Babs     Unknown
144 10th December 1927 Off For The Holidays Delma Castle Xmas 1/5 Unknown
145 17th December 1927 Christmas With Jemima Delma Castle Xmas 2/5 Unknown
146 24th December 1927 Ginger's Christmas Party Delma Castle Xmas 3/5 Unknown
147 31st December 1927 Jemima's Mysterious Cousin Delma Castle Xmas 4/5 Unknown
148 7th January 1928 Babs & Co. Fill The Breach Delma Castle Xmas 5/5 Unknown