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The Greyfriars Holiday Annual

The Holiday Annual was first published by Amalgamated Press in 1920 and was priced at a mighty six shillings, the equivalent of a years subscription to any one of the companion papers. It was a success and continued for 22 years, actually outliving the Magnet and Gem by a few months before becoming another victim of the wartime paper shortage.

Howard Baker reprinted seven of the original annuals (1920, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1935, 1940 and 1941).

You can find a complete contents listing of the Greyfriars Holiday Annual in the publications section of  The Greyfriars Index

"The Holiday Annual" by Roger Jenkins from the Story Paper Collector offers a brief description of each annual in turn including the contents and origin of the Hamilton stories within. You can read the article here. A more detailed article again by Roger Jenkins for the 1971 Collectors Digest annual can be found here.

A number of stories from the Holiday Annual have now been scanned. You can download them from the links in the table below.

The following list was kindly supplied by Dr Nandu Thalange








Issue 1


Illustrated by Warwick Reynolds

This issue has been scanned in full - you can download the full version here-

Ructions at Greyfriars Greyfriars Frank Richards 3  
The Greyfriars Police Court Greyfriars Special Representative 54  
Billy Bunter's Bike Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 63  
Out of Bounds! St Jim's Bernard Glyn  74 Written by Martin Clifford;
story set in 1950
The Last Will and Testament of William George Bunter Greyfriars authorship not stated 79  
A Cliff House Comedy Cliff House Phyllis Howell, Bob Cherry & Hurree Singh [sub] 82  
Against All Comers Greyfriars Dick Russell [sub] 89  
The Wandering Schoolboy St Jim's Martin Clifford 99  
In Monmouth's Cause Historical Fiction Dudley Frobisher 163  
Rivals of Rookwood School Rookwood Owen Conquest 203  
The Fortune Teller [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 260  
Straight Pine's Sacrifice Historical Fiction authorship not stated 269  
Fighting for his Honour Greyfriars Frank Richards 303 Reprint Bob Cherry Expelled series from
Magnets 173
Driven from School
Magnet 174
A Schoolboy's Honour
Issue 2


This issue has been scanned in full - you can download the full version here-

My Tour at Greyfriars Greyfriars Editor 3  
Who's Who at Greyfriars Greyfriars authorship not stated 14  
Billy Bunter's Butler Greyfriars Frank Richards 18  
The Greatest Fight in the History of Greyfriars Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 64  
Who's Who at Rookwood Rookwood authorship not stated 67  
Jimmy Silver's Rival Rookwood Owen Conquest 71  
Doubtful Island Adventure Duncan Storm 103  
Who's Who at St Jim's St Jim's authorship not stated 124  
All Gussy's Fault St Jim's Martin Clifford 128 Cricket Match against Benbow
I'll Tell you what's the Pwopah Thing to do!  Song Martin Clifford 183 Music by Owen Dell
Winning His Name Historical Fiction Morton Pike 187  
A Night Alarm Greyfriars Herbert Vernon-Smith [sub] 257  
The Star of the Panto Adventure HT Johnson 274  
Towser's Triumph St Jim's George Herries [sub] 283  
A Winged Pirate Nature Story Clive R Fenn 291  
The Master's Secret St Jim's Martin Clifford 297 Reprint
(with some rewriting)
Gems 1/11
Tom Merry at St Jim's
Gem 1/13
Tom Merry's Mistake
Gem 1/14
The Master's Secret
The Rookwood Raiders [play] Rookwood authorship not stated 349  
Issue 3


This issue has been scanned in full - you can download the full version here-

The History of Greyfriars Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 3  
Bunter and the Box Greyfriars Peter Todd [sub] 5  
Who was the Winner? Greyfriars Mark Linley [sub] 13  
Greyfriars Who's Who Greyfriars Editor 19  
King Coker [song] Greyfriars Frank Richards 22 Music by Montague Criddle
Billy Bunter's Letter Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 24  
The Dormitory Fight! Greyfriars Dick Penfold [sub] 25  
Robin Hood's Luck Historical Fiction Morton Pike 26  
The Rivals of the Remove Greyfriars Frank Richards 43  
Billy Bunter's Cookery Class Greyfriars Frank Richards
Gems from the Postbag Greyfriars Harry Wharton [sub] 87  
How I Composed the Jamboree March Factual Herman Darewski 90 includes score
"Katie's" Wedding March School Story Michael Poole 93 St Katie's
Greyfriars Who's Who Greyfriars authorship not stated 105  
The Two Heroes St Jim's Martin Clifford 111  
How to Become Handy with your Fists! Factual Percy Longhurst 159 Boxing
Gan Waga and the Marzipan of the Japes Adventure Sidney Drew 162  
Living Marionettes Factual authorship not stated 184 Puppets
Glyn's Greatest St Jim's Martin Clifford 187  
The Luck of the Sambang Adventure Duncan Storm 203 Boys of the Bombay Castle
Who Did It? Rookwood Owen Conquest [sub] 229  
To Save his Honour! St Jim's Martin Clifford 250 Reprint Gems 2/361, 363, 365
Billy Bunter's Treasure [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 352  

Issue 4


This issue has been scanned in full - you can download the full version here-


A Day with the Chums of Greyfriars Greyfriars Editor 3  
My Busy Day Greyfriars Harry Wharton [sub] 8  
Nugent Minor's Lesson Greyfriars Frank Richards 12 This story was intended to be the fourth and final part of the Nugent/Drake feud story in the Greyfriars Herald but Hamilton's copy was delayed and a substitute story was published instead. It appears here with the name "Drake" being replaced by "Rake"
Some Queer Callers Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 24  
The Fascination of the Model Railway Factual authorship not stated 29 Model Railways
The Jam Adventure Percy Longhurst 39  
Towser's Narrow Escape St Jim's Martin Clifford 44 Substitute Story
Greyfriars Gossip Greyfriars Frank Richards 51  
A Shadow over Greyfriars Greyfriars Frank Richards 55  
Boxing for Boys Factual Stanley Cooper 130 Boxing
Tubby and the Tuck Hamper! Rookwood Teddy Grace [sub] 134  
Greyfriars Police Court Greyfriars authorship not stated 139  
The Messengers Nature Story Clive R Fenn 144  
The Gold Trail Adventure Ernest Brindle 146  
In the Shadow of the Guillotine Historical Fiction Edmund Burton 160  
Some Zoo Stories Factual Leslie G Mainland 164  
Billy Bunter's Blunder Greyfriars Frank Nugent [sub] 169  
On Time! Western authorship not stated 178  
The Mystery of Ravenscar School Story Edmund Burton 181  
Upsetting Things Adventure Sidney Drew 193  
The Blue Streak Adventure authorship not stated 201  
Billy Bunter's Midnight Adventure Greyfriars Frank Richards 206  Substitute Story
The Driver Dunn Adventure Edmund Burton 216  
Who's Who at Rookwood Rookwood authorship not stated 223  
The Mystery of the Priory Rookwood Owen Conquest 228 Reprint Boys' Friend 2/810
Who's Who at St Jim's St Jim's authorship not stated 263  
Captain of St Jim's St Jim's Martin Clifford 273 Reprint Gems 2/317-8
The Riders of the Plains Factual Percy Longhurst 351  
The Greyfriars Ghost [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 354  
Issue 5


This issue has been scanned in full - you can download the full version here-

A Ballad of Greyfriars School Greyfriars authorship not stated 3  
Something Special for Bunter Greyfriars Frank Richards 8  
My Letter Bag Greyfriars Harry Wharton [sub] 13  
Scott's Sister School Story PG Wodehouse 17  
For the Young Engineer  Factual authorship not stated 25 Model Railways
The Tenderfoot's Triumph Western Gordon Wallace 30  
A Great Man at Greyfriars Greyfriars Frank Richards 50 Visit of Martin Clifford to Greyfriars
Queer but True Nature Story Leslie G Mainland 83  
How Father Christmas Came to White Pine Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 89 Reprints Boys' Friend 2/862
Frank Richardís Christmas!
A Ramble Round Rookwood Rookwood authorship not stated 114  
Grundy's Merry Christmas St Jim's Martin Clifford 123  
Model Sailing Yachts and how to Sail Them Factual Edward W Hobbs 132  
How to Edit a Paper Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 140  
Home Magic Factual authorship not stated 144 conjuring
Jerry O' the Highway Historical Fiction Reginald Wray 147  
A Fag's Diary St Jim's Wally D'Arcy [sub] 185  
The Manoeuvres of Muffin Rookwood Teddy Grace [sub] 186  
Gosling's Grievance Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 191  
At Bay Nature Story Clive R Fenn 193  
A Race Against Time! Adventure Captain malcolm Arnold 196 Motor Racing
The Merry Prisoner St Jim's Martin Clifford 205  
Morny's Master-stroke! Rookwood Owen Conquest 212  
Something Like a Race! Factual Percy Longhurst 253 Klondyke Gold Rush
Billy Bunter's Annual Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 256  
Random Jottings from St Jim's St Jim's authorship not stated 264  
The Schoolboy Treasure-hunters St Jim's Martin Clifford 271 Reprint Gems 2/173-5
Bunter's Boxing Bout [play] Greyfriars Dick Penfold [sub] 352  
Issue 6


The Romance of the Holiday Annual Holiday Annual Editor 3  
My Letter Bag Holiday Annual Editor 9  
Jackson's Dip School Story PG Wodehouse 12  
Celebrities of the Zoo Factual Leslie G Mainland 18  
Power Driven Model Boats Factual authorship not stated 29  
The Border Raiders Historical Fiction Gordon Wallace 34  
Turlypin the Fox Nature Story Clive R Fenn 47  
The Bunter Cup Greyfriars Frank Richards 52  
A False Alarm Rookwood Teddy Grace [sub] 115  
Getting Quits with Greyfriars Rookwood Owen Conquest 123 Substitute Story
Building a Model Railway Wagon Factual WJ Bassett-Lowke 132 Model Railways
Skeleton Cave Historical Fiction Stuart Martin 135  
Bunter's Banking Account Greyfriars Peter Todd [sub] 147  
Kings of Speed Adventure Alfred Edgar 153  
The Tribulations of Trimble St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 167  
St Jim's Sidelights St Jim's authorship not stated 171  
The Wild Man of Borneo Adventure Duncan Storm 173  
St Katie's Big Splash School Story Michael Poole 205  
The Beggar at the Gate Adventure Howard Pease & Knight Jesse 220  
Forbidden to Fight St Jim's Martin Clifford 228 Substitute Story
Billy Bunter's Annual Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 237  
Under the Falls Adventure M Wynne 246  
Blind Man's Buff with a Bear Factual Percy Longhurst 255  
The Bishop's Medal St Jim's Martin Clifford 257 Reprint Gem 2/313
The Rival Editors Greyfriars Frank Richards 303 Reprint Magnet 306
Bob Cherry's Triumph [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 351  
Issue 7


The Greyfriars Concert Greyfriars authorship not stated 3  
Greyfriars Gossip Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 11  
Bunter in Bankruptcy Greyfriars Tom Brown [sub] 17  
Zoo Film-Stars Greyfriars Leslie G Mainland 22  
How Pillingshot Scored! School Story PG Wodehouse 26  
The Golden Age of the Sailing Ship Factual authorship not stated 33  
Borrowed Horses Historical Fiction Richard Holt 36  
Belon the Hawk Nature Story Clive R Fenn 46  
How to Make the Most of a Camping Holiday Factual AG Barralet 49  
A Leg up from Arizona Jim! Western Gordon Wallace 52  
Driving a Dog Team Factual authorship not stated 64  
Lucky for Parkinson Greyfriars Frank Richards 67 Only mention of Parkinson of the Remove
The Guardians of the Pearl Cove Adventure Edmund Burton 95 South Seas
The Scientist of St Jim's St Jim's Martin Clifford 102  
St Jim's Sidelights St Jim's Tom Merry [sub] 129  
St Jim's Sportsmen St Jim's Eric Kildare [sub] 131  
A False Alarm St Jim's Dick Redfern [sub] 133  
Swimming for Boys Factual Sid G Hedges 139  
Lincoln Beck's Farewell School Story Michael Poole 143 St Katie's
How Not to Enjoy Cycling Factual Percy Longhurst 167  
Pulling Carthew's Leg Rookwood Owen Conquest 169 Substitute Story
A Matter of Temperature Adventure authorship not stated 192 Yukon 
Running the Gauntlet Adventure Cecil Fanshaw 196 Southern Rhodesia
The Funny Side of Swimming Factual authorship not stated 207  
Billy Bunter's Annual Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 209  
Loyal to His School Greyfriars Frank Richards 217  
A Flying Scotsman in the Garden Factual WJ Bassett-Lowke 228 Garden Model Railway
Snow Bound Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 231 Reprint
Grundy's Great Idea St Jim's Martin Clifford 243 Reprint Gem 2/465
Rookwood Reflections Rookwood Jimmy Silver [sub] 280  
A Review of Rookwood Sport Rookwood George Bulkeley [sub] 282  
The Form-Master's Substitute Greyfriars Frank Richards 289 Reprint Magnet 389
How to Tell Fortunes Factual authorship not stated 335  
Gan Wagga's Birthday Adventure Sidney Drew 339  
Billy Bunter's Resolve [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 351  
Issue 8


Greyfriars Calling Greyfriars authorship not stated 3  
Bunter the Cricketer Greyfriars Tom Brown [sub] 9  
Ballad of the Holiday Annual Holiday Annual authorship not stated 16  
Before the Driver Comes Factual authorship not stated 18 Railway Locomotives
Rival Authors Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 20 Reprint Boys Friend 2/1020
Some Famous Atlantic Liners Factual GG Jackson 33 Passenger Liners
The Twins Twin Twins Adventure Elmer K Arter 37 Motor Cycle racing
Planning a Model Railway Factual authorship not stated 46  
Out of Bounds! School Story PG Wodehouse 50  
Among the Tree-Tops Nature Story Clive R Fenn 75  
What happened to Bunter Greyfriars Frank Richards 83  
Schoolboys of the Empire Song H Gwynne 150 Music by M Nutbrown
Heavy Odds Adventure Cecil Fanshaw 153 Zululand
Gone Away! Factual authorship not stated 166 How to enjoy Hare and Hounds
Robin Hood Turns the Tables Historical Fiction Morton Pike 169  
How to Collect Birds' Eggs Factual Cecil Maylor 189  
Billy Bunter's Annual Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 191  
Sons O' Devon Historical Fiction Philip Hardy 199  
Lord Eastwood's Experiment St Jim's Martin Clifford 203 Reprint Gem 2/127
Sporting Records of St Jim's St Jim's Eric Kildare [sub] 256  
Health, Strength and Fitness Factual Percy Longhurst 259  
Top-Dog! Rookwood Owen Conquest 261 Substitute Story
The Rookwood Rat-Hunt! Rookwood Owen Conquest 279 Substitute Story
Sporting Records of Rookwood Rookwood George Bulkeley [sub] 287  
Nugent Minor's Bad Start Greyfriars Frank Richards 289 Reprints Magnet 100
Bunter the Palmist [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 349  
Issue 9


A Great Day at Greyfriars Greyfriars Editor 3 Frank Richards, Martin Clifford and Owen Conquest visit Greyfriars
Billy bunter's Postal Order Greyfriars authorship not stated 9  
Robin Hood's Present Historical Fiction Philip Hardy 13  
The Haunted Tuck-Shop Greyfriars Frank Richards 21  
High Jumping Factual authorship not stated 31  
On the Western Trail Western Cecil Fanshaw 33  
The Spoor Speaks Factual authorship not stated 46 Tracking animals
A Day of Liberty Nature Story Clive R Fenn 50  
Baxter's Bath-Chair School Story authorship not stated 55 Barnhurst School
Skating Skill Factual authorship not stated 69  
Great Games at Greyfriars Greyfriars George Wingate [sub] 71  
The Six Styles of Swimming Factual authorship not stated 77  
The Greyfriars of Yesterday Greyfriars Henry Quelch [sub] 81  
The Jogi's Treasure Adventure HP Cinnamond 63 Colonial India
Battling Bunter! Greyfriars Frank Richards 89  
Kidnapping the Kidnapper Adventure Duncan Storm 125 Boys of the Bombay Castle
Baggy Trimble's Romance St Jim's Martin Clifford 146  
Nor' Eighty East from Seven Stones Adventure Geoffrey Prout 153  
Some Famous Headmasters St Jim's Victor Railton [sub] 161  
The White Chinaman Adventure Peter Bayne 167  
How Jeremy Beat the Doones Historical Fiction authorship not stated 177  
Billy Bunter's Annual Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 181  
Speedway Luck Adventure Alfred Edgar 190 Motor Racing
Jimmy Silver's Pupils Rookwood Owen Conquest 205 Substitute Story
The Arm of the Law St Jim's Martin Clifford 217  
Musical Comedy at Rookwood Rookwood Jimmy Silver [sub] 254  
Random Ramblings Round Rookwood Rookwood Owen Conquest 257  
Rookwood Recollections Rookwood Richard Dalton [sub] 261  
Tea with Mr Manders Rookwood Owen Conquest 265 Reprint Boys' Friend 2/815
How Horace Coker got his Remove Greyfriars Frank Richards 287 Reprint Magnet 145
Bunter's Booby Prize [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 347  
Issue 10


A Grand Tour of Greyfriars Greyfriars Editor 3  
Chequemate! Greyfriars Frank Richards 15 Reprint Greyfriars Herald 2/88
Bunter's Cheque
Bob the Airman Adventure Gilbert Chester 31  
The Haunting of the Herr School Story George E Rochester 47  
When Billy Bunter Forgot! Greyfriars Frank Richards 67 Reprint Magnet 160
Tom Merry's Minor St Jim's Martin Clifford 111 Reprint Gem 2/296
The Rogue Adventure Cecil Fanshaw 160  
Billy Bunter's Annual Greyfriars Billy Bunter [sub] 173  
Coker the Humorist Greyfriars William Green [sub] 181  
A Long Run Home Nature Story Clive R Fenn 184  
The Smugglers of Poldrewyn Historical Fiction Geoffrey Prout 187  
The Ghost of the Grand Prix Adventure Alfred Edgar 199 motor racing
Despatches for the King Historical Fiction Morton Pike 209  
A Rift at Rookwood Rookwood Owen Conquest 226  
The Tuckshop Raider [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 267  
Issue 11


How They Came to Greyfriars Greyfriars Editor 3  
A Lesson for Coker Greyfriars Frank Richards 9 Substitute?
Famous Fights of St Jim's St Jim's George Darrell [sub] 21  
The Demon of the N'Gombi River Adventure Cecil Fanshaw 25  
From Comet to majestic Factual authorship not stated 35 Passenger Ships
Gussy's Latest Stunt St Jim's Martin Clifford 39  
Rough on Toddy Greyfriars Tom Brown [sub] 81  
The Greyfriars Domestic Corner Greyfriars Squiff [sub] 89  
The Last Laugh Rookwood Teddy Grace [sub] 92  
When Reynard came to Fernside Nature Story Clive R Fenn 98  
Hippomobile Adventure WH Morris 103  
The Greyfriars Adventurers Greyfriars Frank Richards 111 Reprint Magnet 179
Making Up Factual authorship not stated 160 Stage make-up
An Affair of Honour Adventure George E Rochester 167  
Pleasing Dear Thomas Rookwood Owen Conquest 179 Reprint Boys' Friend 2/1083
Cuffy's Practical Joke
Taking the Risk! Adventure Bert Kempster 193 Motor Cycle racing
Bunter's Report Greyfriars Frank Richards 203 Substitute?
The Luck of the Line Factual authorship not stated 214 fishing
The Cedar Creek Detective Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 217 Reprint Boys Friend 2/986
Chunky Todgers, Detective!


Detective Todgers' First Case!

Home Sweet Home Greyfriars Herbert Vernon-Smith [sub] 239  
The Leopards of N'Tumbo's town! Adventure Duncan Storm 241 Boys of the Bombay Castle
Mr Prout's Plum Pudding [play] Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 266  
Issue 12


A Visit to Greyfriars Greyfriars Frank Caterham 3  
Pulling Coker's Leg Greyfriars Frank Richards 5  
Behind the Throttle Adventure Barry Perowne 13  
An Englishman from France Historical Fiction Philip Hardy 25  
Champions of the Wheel Factual authorship not stated 40  
Mark Linley at the Cross-Roads Greyfriars Frank Richards 43 Reprint Magnet 180
The Secret Message Ferrers Locke "X" 87  
Sign Talk of the Redskins Factual authorship not stated 98  
The Wanderers Nature Story Clive R Fenn 103  
A Day in the Life of a Fag Greyfriars Dicky Nugenrt [sub] 107  
The Rovers' Recruit Adventure John Brearley 109  
Troublesome Tom St Jim's Martin Clifford 133 Reprint Gem 1/5
£500 Reward Adventure Cecil Fanshaw 167  
The Romantic Defence of the Bass Rock Historical Fiction authorship not stated 181  
The Iron Bush-Rangers Factual "Sharp-Shooter" 187 Ned Kelly
With Bat and Ball Greyfriars George Wingate [sub] 195  
Sturgis Forgets! Greyfriars Frank Richards 197 Greyfriars in 1950
French Leave  Rookwood Owen Conquest 201  
Holiday Bathing Factual authorship not stated 233  
By the Emperor's Command! Historical Fiction authorship not stated 237  
Knockouts - £5 each Adventure Gordon Wallace 249  
Gussy's "Tennah"! St Jim's George Herries [sub] 258  
Books of the Year Greyfriars Squiff [sub] 261  
The Mummy Mystery! [play] Greyfriars authorship not stated 263  
Absurd! St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 274  
Legal Notes for Schoolboys! Greyfriars Peter Todd [sub] 277  
Issue 13


The Old Boys' Dinner Greyfriars Frank Nugent [sub] 3  
Making Game of Gussy St Jim's Martin Clifford 15 Substitute Story
The Fledgeling Adventure J Lawn-Newark 22  
Reforming Mauly Greyfriars Frank Richards 35  
The St Jim's Inventor St Jim's authorship not stated 41 Substitute Story
The Pride of the Footplate Adventure JR Hind 45  
The Vanished Eleven Greyfriars Frank Richards 53 Reprint Magnet 338
Putty's Priceless Prank Rookwood Owen Conquest 91 Substitute Story
Motor-Bike Mac o' the Mounted! Adventure authorship not stated 103  
The Carroty-Headed Hero! Adventure John Brearley 113  
The Demon of the Lake Adventure Cecil Fanshaw 123  
Speedway Fury Adventure A Carney Allen 133  
The Third-Form Crusoes St Jim's Martin Clifford 145 Substitute Story
The Purple Idol Ferrers Locke authorship not stated 164  
Buffalo Bill - Pony Express Rider Factual authorship not stated 175  
The St Sam's Propheteer St Sam's Dicky Nugenrt [sub] 177  
England Expects -  Historical Fiction authorship not stated 184  
Life as a "Mountie" Factual authorship not stated 196  
Rivals of St Frank's St Frank's Edwy Searles Brooks 198  
Robin Hood's Coup Historical Fiction authorship not stated 213  
AD 1999! St Jim's Bernard Glyn [sub] 223  
Fixing the Blame Nature Story Clive R Fenn 227  
My Little Mistake Rookwood Clarence Cuffy [sub] 231  
A very Queer Railway Factual authorship not stated 241  
Thunder of Hoofs Historical Fiction Edmund Burton 247  
Going to School in the Good Old Days! Greyfriars authorship not stated 259  
By the Way - Greyfriars Herbert Vernon-Smith [sub] 263  
Round the Playing Fields St Jim's Eric Kildare [sub] 265  
My Ideal Film Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 267  
Greyfriars Sports Greyfriars authorship not stated 269  
The Ghost of No 1 Study Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 271  
Issue 14


Coker's Cature Greyfriars Frank Richards 3  
The Fortress in the Foothills Western Roland Howard 13  
Shadows of the Past St Jim's Mr Ratcliff [sub] 23  
Tom Brown's Footer Report Greyfriars Tom Brown [sub] 25  
Storming Speed Adventure Alfred Edgar 29 motor racing
Hansom's "Twin Brother" Rookwood Owen Conquest 39 Substitute Story
A Day in the Life of a School Nurse St Jim's Marie Rivers [sub] 50  
Saved from the Sea Greyfriars Frank Richards 53 Reprint Magnet 301
Lowther's Last Laugh St Jim's Jack Blake [sub] 101  
The City of Terror Adventure Keith Orme 103  
Trimble Takes the Cake St Jim's Ernest Levison [sub] 113  
Tyrants of the Marshes Nature Story Clive R Fenn 117  
The Duffer Pays Back Adventure Michael Poole 121  
Knights of the Air Factual authorship not stated 129  
Coker's Great Game Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 131  
Ginger for Pluck Adventure authorship not stated 139  
My All-Electric Study St Jim's Bernard Glyn [sub] 151  
The Mystery Ship Adventure GL Dalton 153  
A Yankee at St Jim's St Jim's Martin Clifford 163 Reprint Gem 2/294
The Guns of Gumpeco Adventure C Malcolm Hincks 206  
Getting Their Own Back Rookwood Owen Conquest 217  Substitute Story
Mr Manders' Christmas Diary Rookwood Mr Manders [sub] 236  
Stand and Deliver Historical Fiction Cecil Fanshaw 239  
Billy Bunter's Alphabet Greyfriars authorship not stated 250  
The Dude of the Prairie Western authorship not stated 253  
Billy Bunter's Birthday [play] Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 269  
Issue 15


Bunter the Truthful! Greyfriars Frank Richards 3  
The Artful Dodger [rhyme] Greyfriars Frank Nugent [sub] 10  
Mystery Island! King of the Islands Charles Hamilton 11  
Presence of Mind Rookwood Owen Conquest 27 Substitute Story
Around Rookwood [rhyme] Rookwood authorship not stated 37  
My Footer Career St Jim's George Grundy [sub] 38  
The Jungle Railway Adventure Howard Tracey 41  
A Schoolboy's Honour! Greyfriars Frank Richards 53 Reprint Magnet 303
Around Greyfriars [rhyme] Greyfriars authorship not stated 107  
Billy the Bear Nature Story Clive R Fenn 109  
Foes of the Prairie Western Stanley Austin 113  
Just Like Coker! Greyfriars Peter Todd [sub] 125  
Outlawed Historical Fiction Cecil Fanshaw 131  
Skinner's Shady Scheme Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 145  
Desert Wings Adventure Capt Robert Hawke 155  
Coker's Lament [rhyme] Greyfriars authorship not stated 169  
Pon's Little Mistake Greyfriars Mark Linley [sub] 171  
Wally the Whaler Adventure Percy A Clarke 173  
Who's Who at St Jim's St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 184  
Around St Jim's [rhyme] St Jim's authorship not stated 186  
Spoofed! St Jim's Martin Clifford 187 Reprint Gem 799
Win or Bust! Adventure Wishart Philp 215  
Tubby's Tip Rookwood Arthur Edward Lovell [sub] 228  
What Happened at the Boat-House! Rookwood Owen Conquest 229 Substitute Story
The Greyfriars Guy [play] Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 241  
Issue 16


Frank Richards versus Greyfriars Greyfriars Harry Wharton [sub] 3  
Baggy Trimble's Brainwave St Jim's Martin Clifford 9  Reprint?
Golden Goals Adventure Walter Edwards 17  
The Footprint in the Sand Greyfriars Frank Richards 33 Reprint Magnet 992
The Speed Duel Adventure Clifford Cameron 69 motor racing
The 'Tec of St Tony's School Story Kaye Campson 83  
The Call of the Sea Adventure John G Brandon 95  
Billy Bunter's Booby-Trap Greyfriars Frank Richards 105  
The Green Cat Adventure Edmund Burton 121  
The Hero of Tuckminster Tuckminster Billy Bunter [sub] 137  
The Holiday Annual 'Phone Exchange Holiday Annual authorship not stated 144  
The Lost Herds Western Percy A Clarke 153  
The Boy Who Wouldn't Budge! Rookwood Owen Conquest 165 Reprint Boys' Friend 2/987
The Prisoner of Devil's Island Baldy's Angels Capt Robert Hawke 183  
The Stony Seven St Jim's Martin Clifford 197 Reprint Gem 2/751
The Terror of Devil's Mountain! Adventure Rowland Howard 226 flying
Getting Over Gussy St Jim's Tom Merry [sub] 239  
The Last Laugh! [play] Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 246  
Issue 17


This issue has been scanned in full - you can download the full version here-

Front Cover and Introduction        
The Dunce of Greyfriars Greyfriars Frank Richards 3  
Have the "Talkies" Affected St Jim's? St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 63  
Old Mauly's Almanac for 1936 Greyfriars Lord Mauleverer [sub] 65  
The Outlaw Kid Rio Kid Ralph Redway 67 Reprint Popular 2/567
The Hold Up
Loder's Luck Greyfriars Peter Todd [sub] 89  
Melting Mr Manders Rookwood Owen Conquest 97 Substitute Story
St Jim's Points of View St Jim's Various [sub] 109  
Billy Bunter's Masterstroke Greyfriars Frank Richards 113  
Handforth's Windfall St Frank's Edwy Searles Brooks 123  
The Djah Old School Song Frank Richards 136 Music Jeff Lynton
Balancing Your Budget St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 141  
Sir Fatted and his Fair Lady Verse Frank Richards 143  
The Spoofer! St Jim's Martin Clifford 147 Reprint Gem 2/765
My Pupils Greyfriars Henry Quelch [sub] 177  
Twink the Tail Wagger Nature Story Clive R Fenn 179  
Why Not Film Greyfriars? Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 183  
Billy Bunter's Bust-up! Greyfriars Frank Richards 185 Reprint Magnet 148
Perfect Harmony St Jim's Tom Merry [sub] 225  
The Battle of the Tuckshop [play] Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 243  
Issue 18


Doubting Thomas Discovers Greyfriars Greyfriars Thomas Doughty [sub] 3  
Coker's Side Show Greyfriars Frank Richards 9  Substitute?
The Packsaddle Gold-Rush! Packsaddle Frank Richards 21  
Advice to a New Boy Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 58  
Squiff of the Remove Greyfriars Frank Richards 61 Reprint Magnet 343
An Elephant Never Forgets Nature Story Clive R Fenn 118  
The Greyfriars Calendar Greyfriars authorship not stated 123  
Bunter! [song] Greyfriars Frank Richards 126 Music Jeff Lynton
Should Schoolboys have Home Rule? Greyfriars Peter Todd [sub] 128  
Coker Comes A Cropper Greyfriars Frank Nugent [sub] 131  
They Wanted an Actor! Greyfriars Frank Richards 137  Substitute?
The Rio Kid's Ride Rio Kid Ralph Redway 145  
Diary of a Greyfriars Go-Getter Greyfriars Fisher T Fish [sub] 163  
Mr Ratcliff Has a Busy Day St Jim's Martin Clifford 165  
Carthew Goes Too Far! Rookwood Owen Conquest 209 Reprint Boys' Friends 2/1257-8
Last Man In! [play] Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 242  
Issue 19


Holiday Annual Beano Holiday Annual Editor 3  
Fooling Fish Greyfriars Mark Linley [sub] 9  
Towser's Diary St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 15  
The Shadow Over Eastwood House St Jim's Martin Clifford 19 Reprint Gem 2/724
When they were Young! Greyfriars Harry Wharton [sub] 54  
Cedar Creek Pantomime Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 57 Reprint Boys Friend 2/1021
Remove Auction Notes Greyfriars authorship not stated 69  
Mutiny on the Spindrift Greyfriars Frank Richards 71 Reprint Magnet 267
Tubby Muffin Goes Gay! Rookwood Owen Conquest 125  
The Thousand-Dollar Kid! Rio Kid Ralph Redway 133 Reprints Popular 2/556
Five Hundred Dollar Smith
Mr Quelch's Delusion! Greyfriars Harry Wharton [sub] 145  
Lovell on the Warpath Rookwood Owen Conquest 155 Reprint Boys' Friend
Hints to the Head Rookwood Teddy Grace [sub] 195  
Kipps and the Fiver! Greyfriars Tom Brown [sub] 197  
Skimpole Works his Will! St Jim's Martin Clifford 201  
Red Riding Hood Greyfriars Various [sub] 206  
Jack Drake's Capture Greyfriars Frank Richards 209  
Billy the Bull Nature Story Clive R Fenn 238  
The Remove Variety Show [play] Greyfriars Greyfriars Rhymester 244  
Issue 20


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Just Imagine Holiday Annual Editor 3  
Billy Bunter's Fearful Affliction Greyfriars Frank Richards 11 Reprint Magnet 715
Glyn's Streamlined Christmas Party! St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 43  
They Called him a Funk! St Jim's Martin Clifford 47 Specially Written
The Cheat! Rookwood Owen Conquest 69  
Where they find Inspiration! Greyfriars authorship not stated 79  
The Mystery of the Christmas Candles Greyfriars Frank Richards 81 Reprint Magnet 723
A Chip of the Old Block! Western George E Rochester 121  
Trimble the Trickster St Jim's Jack Blake [sub] 135  
Tess Stands by! Nature Story Clive R Fenn 140  
Algy Silver's Pal Rookwood Owen Conquest 145 Reprint Boys' Friends 2/879-80
Just Wait Till I'm a Prefect! St Jim's Wally D'Arcy [sub] 184  
Grundy's Gunpowder Plot St Jim's Martin Clifford 187 Reprint Gem 2/717
Bunter's Big Bluff Greyfriars Squiff [sub] 217  
The Cedar Creek Ventriloquist Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 220 Reprint Boys' Friend Library 2/1027
The Cedar Creek Ventriloquist
Issue 21


With Our Compliments Holiday Annual Harry Wharton [sub] 3  
Music Hath Charms! Greyfriars Frank Richards 9 Substitute Story
Crazy Week at St Jim's! St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 21  
The Case of the Beak's Black Eye St Jim's Martin Clifford 23  
The Amazing Proceedings of Timothy Tupper Rookwood Owen Conquest 49 Reprint Boys' Friend 2/1194
Greyfriars v St Jims - and you're the Ref! Game authorship not stated 67  
Sir Fulke's Warning Greyfriars Frank Richards 69 Reprint Magnet 776
The Laughing Outlaw! Rio Kid Ralph Redway 105  
Rip Van Winkle of Greyfriars Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 117  
Public Benefactor No 1 Rookwood Owen Conquest 122 Reprint Boys' Friend 2/1138
False Witness! Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 135 Reprint Boys' Friend Library 2/1028
False Witness!
The Mystery of the Broken Fishing Rod Puzzle authorship not stated 147  
Fighting the Flames! St Jim's Martin Clifford 151 Reprint Gem 2/695
The Ferndale Recruit Ferndale Charles Hamilton 183  
Ghosts of Greyfriars Greyfriars Tom Brown [sub] 195  
When Tubby Sat Tight! Rookwood Owen Conquest 198 Substitute Story
Statistics for Schoolboys! St Jim's Harry Manners [sub] 207  
Billy Bunter's Bike Greyfriars Bob Cherry [sub] 209  
Greyfriars School Song [song] Greyfriars Frank Richards 222 Music Jeff Lynton
The Terror of the Wood Nature Story Clive R Fenn 228  
Issue 22


This issue has been scanned in full - you can download the full version here-

My Tour of Trouble Holiday Annual Editor 3  
Billy Bunter's Burglar (pdf)
Billy Bunter's Burglar (MS Doc)
Greyfriars Frank Richards 13  
The Moat House Mystery Len Lex Charles Hamilton 27 Reprint Modern Boy 462-465
An Old Boy Remembers St Jim's Lieut-Cmdr Pat Stanley RN [sub] 74  
Snowbound! Cedar Creek Martin Clifford 77 Reprint The Boys Friend 2/968?
Billy Bunter's Busy Day! Greyfriars Frank Richards 91 Reprint Magnet 942
Walking the Plank Greyfriars Tom Brown [sub] 135  
Slot- Machine Education St Jim's Monty Lowther [sub] 137  
Jimmy Silver Does the Trick! Rookwood Owen Conquest 139 Reprint Boys' Friend 2/830
A Gay Dog Locked Out! Rookwood Cyril Peele [sub] 159  
Skimpole the Star-Gazer St Jim's Martin Clifford 161 Reprints Gem 2/976
Christmastide at Chunkley's Greyfriars Peter Todd [sub] 205  
The Puncher from Panhandle Rio Kid Ralph Redway 219 Reprint Popular 2/511
The Thousand Dollar Kid