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Cheer Boys Cheer

Cheer Boys Cheer was published by the Amalgamated press. It had a relatively short run of only 72 issues from 25th May 1912 to 13th September 1913 before being replaced by the Boys' Journal.

The story paper was edited by Horace Phillips who later went on to create Morcove School School which was the main feature of Schoolgirls' Own.

Horace Phillips and many well known boys writes of the day wrote stories for the CBC as it became known. Steve Holland has details of most issues on his story paper and pocket library website. You can access the Cheer Boys' Cheer section here. http://www.philsp.com/homeville/BJSP/b22.htm#A89

As Charles Hamilton was writing exclusively for the Magnet and Gem in 1913 (although Rookwood in the Boys Friend was just around the corner) it came as a surprise to me to find an anonymous story which was obviously his work in issue 34. I vaguely recognised the story and after some research found it was a reprint of a story which appeared in issue 331 of the Boys Realm.

You can read issue 34 here.