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Boys' Friend Library.

The Boys' Friend Library was published by the Amalgamated Press, being founded by WH ("Willy") Back, in September 1906 and lasted until wartime paper shortages ended its run in June 1940.

It was initially conceived as a vehicle for the hugely popular Jack, Sam & Pete stories, written by S. Clarke Hook, with the first two titles being dubbed the Jack, Sam & Pete Library.  However, Back quickly recognised that a wider range of authors would have a broader appeal, and the Boys' Friend Library was born.

In all, there were 1,440 issues in 2 series.  The stories were largely reprints of stories that had appeared in the large stable of Amalgamated Press storypapers, and included adventures, school stories, sporting tales, historical fiction, crime and science fiction by many of the most notable and famous authors of the day, including Leslie Charteris (creator of the Saint), WE Johns (Biggles), Jules Verne, Charles Hamilton (of Billy Bunter Fame), and many more.

The stories were a perennial favourite with schoolboys of all ages, being conveniently pocket-sized, with beautifully illustrated covers.

The list and cover scans of the Boys' Friend Library were kindly supplied by Dr Nandu Thalange. This section is 'work in progress', if you can help with cover scans or more information on the publications then please contact me. To reduce loading time I have split the BFL section into two parts. The first series is available here, the new series is available here.