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Hamilton & Co published eleven Goldhawk books over a 12 month period 1952-53. The books were a similar size to the SOL and contained original stories of Tom Merry and Co by the genuine Martin Clifford. You can find full details of the contents in the publications section of  The Greyfriars Index

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   Title  Publisher Date
"Tom Merry's Secret" © Goldhawk Books February 1952  1 Tom Merry’s Secret  Gold Hawk  Feb 1952
"Tom Merry's Rival" © Goldhawk Books February 1952  2 Tom Merry’s Rival  Gold Hawk  Feb 1952
"The Man from the Past" © Goldhawk Books March 1952  3 The Man from the Past  Gold Hawk  March 1952
"Who Ragged Railton?" © Goldhawk Books March 1952  4 Who Ragged Railton?  Gold Hawk  March 1952
"Skimpole's Snapshot" © Goldhawk Books April 1952  5 Skimpole’s Snapshot  Gold Hawk  April 1952
"Trouble for Trimble" © Goldhawk Books April 1952  6 Trouble for Trimble  Gold Hawk  April 1952
"D'Arcy in Danger" © Goldhawk Books May 1952  7 D’Arcy in Danger  Gold Hawk  May 1952
"D'Arcy on the Warpath" © Goldhawk Books July 1952  8 D’Arcy on the Warpath  Gold Hawk  July 1952
"D'Arcy's Disappearance" © Goldhawk Books August 1952  9 D’Arcy’s Disappearance  Gold Hawk  Aug 1952
"D'Arcy the Reformer" © Goldhawk Books February 1953  10 D’Arcy the Reformer  Gold Hawk  Feb 1953
"D'Arcy's Day Off" © Goldhawk Books February 1953  11 D’Arcy’s Day Off  Gold Hawk  Feb 1953