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The Triumph

The Triumph was first published in Oct 1924 by the AP as a replacement to the Rocket which had recently folded after 87 issues. It was always primarily a War and action weekly story paper, and as the years passed plenty of sport and adventure tales filled its pages. During the 1920's and early 1930's it maintained a high standard with regular and popular AP authors such as L. E. Ransome and John Bobin among many others. When the Gem was amalgamated with it in Jan 1940 the heavily shortened St. Jim's school tales of "Martin Clifford" were transferred over, which could have been an unsatisfying mix for both sets of readers. So maybe it was for the best when the Triumph itself folded after 814 issues in May 1940 and was amalgamated into the Champion, which in turn carried on until Mar 1955. Bill Lofts managed to trace the origin of some of the stories and found that they had previously appeared in the Gem and were a mixture of genuine Hamilton and sub stories.

Introduction kindly supplied by Gary.

Issues indicated are complete scans, issues indicated by a hyperlink contain the Hamilton story only.

  Issue Title Notes
Issue 794

6th January 1940

The Rival Schoolmasters First issue of the Triumph featuring St Jim's following closure of the Gem.
Issue 795

13 January 1940

Nazi Spy and Housemaster  
Issue 796

20th January 1940

Well Played, Talbot

Issue 797

27th January 1940

Levison's Double

Issue 798

3rd February  1940

Catching Out a Cad

Issue 799

10th February 1940

The Schoolboy Circus Stars  
Issue 800

17th February 1940

Koumi Roa's Secret  
Issue 801

24th February 1940

Gussy Goes Goofy  
Issue 802

2nd March 1940

The "Mop-You-Up" New Boy

Issue 803

9th March 1940

Fagging for Parker  
Issue 804

16th March 1940

Parker Meets his Match  
Issue 805

23rd March 1940

The Secret of the Towers  
Issue 806

30th March 1940

The Burning Barn  
Issue 807

6th April 1940

Issue 808

13th April 1940

Issue 809

20th April 1940

Issue 810

27th April 1940

  Issue 811

4th May 1940

Issue 812

11th May 1940

  Issue 813

18th May 1940

Issue 814

25th May 1940

  Final issue. Amalgamated into the Champion