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The Boys' Realm Football and Sports Library.

The Boys' Realm Football and Sports library was published by the Amalgamated Press and ran for 299 issues between the 18th September 1909 and 5th June 1915 before being replaced by the Nelson Lee.

The first 56 issues contained two stories. The main story was a Hamilton creation and featured Jack Noble of Pelham school. The secondary story featured the Blue crusaders and was by A. S. Hardy. In issue 57 the two series were amalgamated with Jack Noble joining the Blue Crusaders before gradually fading out.

Hamilton only wrote a few issues (Issue 1, issue 12 and possibly a few others) before the subs, many of them famous in their own right took over. You can read an interesting CD article on this publication by Bill Lofts here. For a period of time Jack Noble of Pelham rather confusingly starred in both the Boys Realm and Boys Realm Football Library at the same time.

You can download issue 12 which contains a genuine Hamilton story here.

If you can provide any more information on this rare publication then please contact me.