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Look and Learn

Look and Learn was published weekly by Amalgamated Press. In 1963 the Editor experimented by reprinting some of the (drastically pruned) stories from the Magnet. The Editor received little reader reaction and the experiment was dropped after only 15 issues. The fact he selected sub stories for the first few issues probably contributed to the lack of interest!

Most of the information on this page is taken from the book "Greyfriars Since the Magnet" by Bill Lofts and Derek Adley. You can read the book here.

All the Hamilton issues are available for download via the links below thanks to Bill the Trigan ofthe Scanarama Yahoo group.

Complete issues are indicated by a PDF icon, Issues containing only the Hamilton story are indicated by having the story name hyperlinked.






Look and Learn
Cover Issue Title Notes Series
Issue 91

12th October 1963

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School Issues 91-94 reprinted from Magnet 1054, a substitute story by W Catchpole 

Bunter's prize Essay

Part 1/4 

Issue 92

19th October 1963

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School  "     " Bunter's prize Essay

Part 2/4 

Issue 93

26th October 1963

Bunter's Mystery Money  "     " Bunter's prize Essay

Part 3/4 

Issue 94

2nd November 1963

Bunter Bowled Out  "     " Bunter's prize Essay

Part 4/4 

Issue 95

9th November 1963

Bunter the Bandit Issues 95-100 reprinted from Magnet 802, a substitute story by F. G. Cook

Bunter's Barring Out


Issue 96

16th November 1963

Bunter Runs Away  "     "  Bunter's Barring Out


Issue 97

23rd November 1963

Bunter the Sailor "    "  Bunter's Barring Out


Issue 98

30th November 1963

Tracking Down Bunter  "     " Bunter's Barring Out


Issue 99

7th December 1963

Bunter Under Siege  "     "  Bunter's Barring Out


Issue 100

14th December 1963

Bunter the Hero  "     " Bunter's Barring Out


Issue 101

21st December 1963

Bunter the Lion Tamer  Issues 101-105 reprinted from the Muccolini's Circus Series from 1936 Muccolini's Circus


Issue 102

28th December 1963

Bunter the Lion Tamer  "     " Muccolini's Circus


Issue 103

4th January 1964

Billy Bunter's Temptation "     " Muccolini's Circus


Issue 104

11th January 1964

Lion at Large "     " Muccolini's Circus


Issue 105

18th January 1964

Bunter to the Rescue  "     " Muccolini's Circus