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Hamilton Bibliography

This section of the Friardale site is the starting point for a comprehensive bibliography of the works of Charles Hamilton. It is very much a work in progress. The focus is on recording all of the genuine works of Charles Hamilton. Substitute stories and reprints are also noted in some instances, but the recording of these has not been undertaken in any comprehensive way.

Many of the pre World War 1 works of Hamilton are still not documented, and provide great opportunities to find undiscovered work. The bibliography is constantly being updated to include new finds and additional information.

Acknowledgement must be given to the hard work of previous researchers which has and is being drawn upon. In particular the work of W.O.G. Lofts and Derek Adley was ground breaking in its time and still continues to be a key source of information. Others have contributed significantly through their scans or information they have supplied to the Friardale site. Acknowledgement is also given to John Lester of the Friars Club for his recent painstaking research on the Trapps Holmes publications. If you have any information you would like to share or notice any gaps please contact me.

My thanks go to Allan S for all his hard work in creating and maintaining this section.

Some explanation of the colour coding is required.  Stories highlighted grey are from substitute writers.  Salmon pink are reprints.  Yellow are likely Hamilton stories but not yet verified.  Gold are possible Hamilton stories.

The copyright holder of this bibliography is the Friardale website www.friardale.co.uk    It may be reproduced freely as long as the Friardale website is acknowledged, and it is not sold or part of a publication for sale.

The bibliography can be found here.


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