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Armada Greyfriars books were published by Mayfair in the late Sixties and early Seventies. The first 10 or so were taken mainly from the Schoolboys' Own Library and Cassell books and were fairly unabridged. The final four issues were reprints from individual Magnets from the Egypt series and were poor- they started and finished in the middle of the series and were frustrating to read..

You can find more detail on the Armada books in the publications section of  The Greyfriars Index

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Book Title   Publisher Published Notes
Bunter and the Phantom of the Towers


Armada May-65 From SOL 319
Bunter the Racketeer


Armada May-65 From Magnets 1479-80
Bunter the Tough Guy of Greyfriars


Armada May-65 From SOL 385, 388
Bunterís Holiday Cruise


Armada May-65 From SOL 367, 70
Billy Bunter the Bold


Armada Jul-68 Cassell 1954
Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School


Armada Aug-68 Skilton 1947
Billy Bunter's Postal Order


Armada Aug-68 Skilton 1951
Billy Bunter's Benefit


Armada Mar-69 Skilton 1950
Billy Bunter in Brazil (Skilton Version)


Armada Jun-70 Skilton 1949
Bunter the Ventriloquist (Cassell Version)


Armada Jun-70 Cassell 1961
Billy Bunterís Bad Luck


Armada Feb-71 From Magnet 1277
Billy Bunter on the Nile


Armada Jan-72 From Magnet 1282
Bunter and the Secret of the Scarab


Armada Sept-72 From Magnet 1284
Billy Bunterís Bargain


Armada Aug-71 From Magnet 1281