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The Monster Library.

The Monster library was published monthly between 1925 and 1927 and consisted entirely of reprints from the Old series of the Nelson Lee.

The following list, illustrations and scan of issue 4 are reproduced with permission from www.greyfriarsindex.co.uk.

The original listings are based on The Nelson Lee Library and Bibliography of the writings of Edwy Searles Brooks by Robert C. Blythe, revised by Mark Caldicott 1995.

  No Title Story Source
1 The Schoolboy Treasure Seekers Schoolboy adventurers 1/158-165
2 The Black Sheep of the Remove Arrival of Reggie Pitt 1/170-177
3 The Tyrant of St. Franks Colonel Clinton 1/187-194
4 The Boy From Bermondsey Jack Mason / Norman Grey 1/178-186
5 The Bullies of St. Franks or The Mysterious X The Bullies League 1/195-204
6 Expelled! Starke’s plot to expel Nipper 1/205-212
7 ‘Neath African Skies Treasure of El Safra 1/213-220
8 St. Franks in London Titus Alexis & the great fire 1/221-228
9 The Boy From the Bush or The Brand of the Twin Stars Jerry Dodd & the Test Match 1/312-319
10 The Spendthrift of St. Franks Hon. Douglas Singleton 1/240-249
11 The Barring Out at St. Franks Mr Martin, tyrant head 1/ 229-236 [reprinted HB N1]
12 The Mystery Master Handforth’s brother-in-law 1/256-263
13 The Voyage of the Wanderer El Dorado 1/264-274
14 The Ghost of Bannington Grange Bannington Cinema 1/284-293 [?]
15 The Boy Who Vanished Arrival of Dick Goodwin 1/275-283
16 St. Franks on the Spree College House without rules 1/294-304
17 Prisoners of the Mountains The Hounds of the Tagossa 1/305-311
18 The Remove in the Wild West Canadian trip 1/320-327
19 Rebels of the Remove The Madness of Dr Stafford 1/336-348