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The Schoolgirl

The first incarnation of the Schoolgirl story paper was in Feb 1922, the product of Shurey's which was a publishing company set up by two brothers Charles and Harry. Charles' first publication was a boys story paper in 1893 called Comrades, which followed on the heels of the Amalgamated Press publication Chums. Over the years there were many varied titles including Yes Or No (1904-22) and the Weekly Tale-Teller (1909-16), and many girls papers including Girls' Mirror (1915-34). The Schoolgirl had a short and unremarkable run of 56 issues to Mar 1923 when it folded and disappeared. However, it had a female Editor, something the AP never had for their girls papers. In Aug 1929 the AP took up the name and started their own story paper publication which was to last until May 1940. Shurey's itself ceased publication in 1935 shortly after Charles' death.

Thanks to Gary you can download the first ever issue from here.