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Hutchinson's Pie.

Hutchinson's Pie appeared quarterly from 1944-1950 and contained original Carcroft stories by Frank Richards. The Pie appeared with the previous season as part of the name, ie Winter Pie, Autumn Pie, Summer Pie and Christmas Pie. Thirteen original Carcroft stories appeared in the Pie, ten of them were later reprinted in the Silver Jacket.

The three stories not reprinted in the Silver Jacket are listed below. Click the link to read or download.

Hutchinson's Summer Pie 1946:   A Spot of Latin

Hutchinson's Spring Pie 1947:     No Toffee for Turkey

Hutchinson's Summer Pie 1947:    Rag on Roger

You can find more detail in the publications section of  The Greyfriars Index

In 1953 the Rev JPH Hobson, Headmaster of a school in Surrey contacted Frank Richards to ask if he would write a short story for the school magazine. Hamilton replied saying that the publishers barred Greyfriars, St Jim's and Rookwood but he would be happy to write short Carcroft story. The story appeared in the school magazine and was later reprinted in the 1986 edition of the Collectors Digest Annual. You can read the article and story here.
The following year Rev Hobson decided to emulate Oliver Twist and ask for more. Hamilton obliged and in 1954 the school magazine published yet another Carcroft story, It was reprinted in the 1988 edition of the Collectors Digest Annual, You can read the article and story here.



Title # School Publication Publisher Year Month Reprinted
Turkey's Impot I Carcroft Christmas Pie Hutchinson 1944 December Silver Jacket issue 06
The Carcroft Cad II Carcroft Spring Pie Hutchinson 1945 March Silver Jacket issue 08
Turkey On The Warpath III Carcroft Summer Pie Hutchinson 1945 June Silver Jacket issue 02
Roger's Way IV Carcroft Autumn Pie Hutchinson 1945 September Silver Jacket issue 11
Done in the Dark V Carcroft Winter Pie Hutchinson 1945 November
Silver Jacket issue 07
Turkey For Christmas VI Carcroft Christmas Pie Hutchinson 1945 November Silver Jacket issue 03
Just Like Turkey VII Carcroft Spring Pie Hutchinson 1946 March Silver Jacket issue 01
A Spot of Latin VIII Carcroft Summer Pie Hutchinson 1946 May  
Lost Study IX Carcroft Autumn Pie Hutchinson 1946 August Silver Jacket issue 10
Sportsman X Carcroft Winter Pie Hutchinson 1946 November Silver Jacket issue 09
Christmas Present For Roger XI Carcroft Christmas Pie Hutchinson 1946 December Silver Jacket issue 15
No Toffee for Turkey XII Carcroft Spring Pie Hutchinson 1947 February  
Rag on Roger XIII Carcroft Summer Pie Hutchinson 1947 June