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An article appeared in Book & Magazine Collector on the Cassell / Skilton books on 30th September 1986. You can read the article here.

The "Picture Post" of 11th May 1946 carried an article by Sidney Jacobson entitled "Do you remember Billy Bunter?" It is claimed that Charles Skilton read this article in a hotel in Oban while on his Honeymoon and decided to approach Hamilton about reviving Greyfriars. You can read the article here.

Charles Skilton produced nine books before selling the rights to Cassell who went on to publish another 29. It would appear however that Skilton still had an interest in the books as he continued to send out letters advising when new books were due to be published. You can read a selection of them here. The first letter is of particular interest, it suggests that at the time of Hamilton's death Skilton was only aware of two more books in the pipeline. The fact that Cassell went on to publish another seven gives some support to the people who believe the final few books were written by someone else.

The first edition of Charles Hamilton's biography was printed in 1952. Skilton was working with Hamilton to release an updated version when Hamilton died. The reprint went ahead with a section by Eric Fayne. You can read the announcement here.