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The Old Boys' Book Collector.

The Old Boys' Book Collector was launched in the spring of 1952 collector and writer Tom Hopperton. The quarterly publication was intended to take over from the Collectors' Digest as the primary hobby publication. However it only lasted for three issues until "The reoccurrence of an almost forgotten physical trouble" in Hopperton brought the venture to a close.

In issue 1 Hopperton published an article on the Vanguard which managed to annoy Hamilton - Issue 2 contained Hamilton's response! One interesting fact emerged in Hamilton's reply - it was previously thought that only a dozen or so Hamilton stories had appeared in Trapps Holmes publications but in his reply he states that the number was at least a thousand.

George Orwell wrote an essay for the Horizon magazine in 1940 in which his views on the works of Hamilton could hardly be described as complimentary. He went as far as to suggest that a number of writers must be involved as it was not possible for one man to produce so much output. The essay can be read in full here and Hamilton's reply here. A 'sequel' appeared in the Horizon in June 1940 where 'Professional Writer' Harold A. Albert suggested that the stories were recycled every 8 years or so. Hamilton was not amused! The article and Hamilton's scathing reply were included in issue 2.

Old Boys Book Collector Issue 1

Old Boys Book Collector Issue 2

Old Boys Book Collector Issue 3