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Golden Hours

The Golden Hours Magazine was "Produced in Australia every now and then" by Syd Smith, a keen collector of Hamiltonia.

This scarce magazine was edited and published in Sydney and over a four-year period seven issues were produced. It dealt with the old pre-war juvenile British comic papers, story papers and annuals, with a concentration on the works of Charles Hamilton.

Many well-known Australian, British and New Zealand juvenile collectors and Amalgamated Press journalists of the 1920 - 1960 period wrote for 'The Golden Hours Magazine'. These included George Samways, H W Twyman, Bill Lofts, Derek Adley, V Colby, B Pate, E C Carter and of course Syd Smyth.

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The issues are available for download from the links below.

Golden Hours issue 1    

Golden Hours issue 2     

Golden Hours issue 3     

Golden Hours issue 4

Golden Hours issue 5

Golden Hours issue 6

Golden Hours issue 7