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Book and Magazine Collector.

The Book and Magazine Collector was published monthly by the Warner group and ran from 1984 to 2010, a total of 26 years. November 2010 saw the following message appear on the B&MC website-

"Book and Magazine Collector has ceased publication with the Christmas issue, on sale 18th November. The decision has not been taken lightly but due to the current economic climate, with rising print and production costs it is no longer viable to continue publishing Book and Magazine Collector."

Many excellent story paper articles were published over the years and a number of them are available for download from the table below









Cover Issue Article Notes
Issue 2

April 1984

Collecting the Magnet Comic


Issue 13

March 1985

St Jim's Prize Packet


Issue 19

September 1985

Popular Girls and Boys Annuals


Issue 24

February 1986

Collecting the "Schoolgirls' Own"


Issue 25

April 1986

The Heyday of the "Girl's Own Paper"


Issue 30

September 1986

Frank Richards and his "Billy Bunter" Books


Issue 53

August 1988

The "Tom Merry" and "Jack" Books of Frank Richards


Issue 58

January 1989

Collecting Chums Boys Paper


Issue 61

April 1989

Collecting the Magnet


Issue 72

March 1990

Billy Bunter and Mr Chips


Issue 74

May 1990

Angela Brazil Schoolgirl Stories


Issue 76

July 1990

Modern Boy Comic


Issue 93

December 1991

Christmas at Greyfriars


Issue 100

July 1992

I Say You Fellows


Issue 114

September 1993

A National Institution


Issue 147

June 1996

Billy Bunter Extras


Issue 166
January 1998
The Novels of Richmal Crompton


Issue 175

October 1998

Edwy Searles Brooks


Issue 189

December 1999

Collecting the "Boys Own Paper"


Issue 193

April 2000

Richards Rarities


Issue 205

April 2001

Super Detective Library

Issue 225

June 2003

Mary Cadogan


Issue 235

October 2003

The Boys Friend Library


Issue 248

November 2004

Short Stories - Frank Richards


Issue 252

February 2005

Girls Papers and Annuals


The Thriller


Issue 258

August 2005

The Men Who Drew Billy Bunter


Issue 276

Christmas 2006

Ghosts, Snow and Ho-Ho-Ho


Issue 277

January 2007

Sexton Blake


Issue 292

March 2008

100 Years of Billy Bunter


Issue 299

October 2008

George Richmond Samways


Issue 304

February 2009

Herlock Sholmes and other detectives


Issue 326

November 2010

Enid Blyton Early Adventures


Issue 328

Christmas 2010

Christmas with Sexton Blake


Final Issue